Boys of Summer need a cleansing

Feb 24, 2009 5:10 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

The pitchers are pitching and the catchers are catching and all the other boys are getting in shape, so how long can it be before "play ball" is heard throughout the country? As usual I can’t wait and as usual we go into this season with exceptionally high expectations, but this year the Boys of Summer are carrying a great deal of baggage to Arizona and Florida spring training sites.

What we all thought about steroid use in the past has certainly surfaced in the present. Bud Selig, the leader of the Majors, tells A-Rod that he’s shamed the game. However, Selig has yet to admit that all the usage took place on his watch. He knew or should have known the serious nature of the problem and only slapped a few minor league players’ wrists and let the big boys play. Now it blows up in his face and he appears to be shocked and shamed and it’s all the players’ fault. It seems to me that if Bud were the captain on the Titanic he’d surely be on the first available lifeboat. A-Rod and Bud – now that’s a pair to draw to.

While on the subject of "I ain’t buyin’ it," how about a few other examples:

1. Wide receiver Marvin Harrison of the Colts. It might have been my gun but I didn’t pull the trigger. Right.

2. Kobe Brant giving his wife an $8 million ring when he had sex one night in Colorado, supposedly.

3. Roger Clemens – he never took any illegal performance enhancing drugs. Who me?

4. Barry Bonds – you explain this one but his trainer is still my hero.

5. Dubai – barring Israeli tennis star Shahar Peer from participating in their international tennis tournament for her own security. I guess it’s her fault.

This season in college basketball is as difficult as I’ve ever seen just to be able to pick the number one seeds prior to the tournament. Talk about parity, you’d have to name 10 teams just to come up with the final four.

I’d be watching out for a sleeper this year and hopefully it’s not above the 20-1 level. My long shot picks would be Duke at 10-1, Oklahoma at 15-1, Kentucky at 75-1 and Marquette at 50-1. If any of them get there you once again can have my watch.

Have a great week!