Advanced romp-thru-town play strategy makes sense

Jan 22, 2008 9:46 PM

The Undeniable Truth by Rob Singer | One thing I know about video poker players – they want to enjoy playing their favorite game and they want to win today!

That really goes without saying, although there are those who are good at making believe playing to win every time out doesn’t exist. But simple common sense says of course it does, and no one knows that better than me.

I spend a few hours each day corresponding with players from all over the country on how they might be able to go about improving their game and subsequent results, I wrote a column here last week on my most popular playing strategy: Romp-Thru-Town (RTT).

That strategy incorporated playing multiple increasing denominations (in the example, it was five denominations from 25 cents thru $5) with a gaming bankroll commensurate with being capable of consistently winning a certain pre-set amount based on a percentage of that bankroll. It has this week piqued the interest of many more players.

I also mentioned that this week’s column would detail what I consider to be my favorite play strategy, and it is one that I developed after finding success with RTT. I call it Advanced Romp-Thru-Town (ARTT). While it is not really similar in approach to RTT, it has a higher winning potential. Plus, I find it very interesting to play.

Like my other strategies, it incorporates a unique denomination and game volatility progression, only it has a much more attainable mini-session win goal. It requires the player to actually do continued thinking while playing. That’s a lot better than a system of monotonous and seemingly endless pounding away at the buttons.

For as long as one’s bankroll lasts or the player can stay awake, it is a very enjoyable method of playing.

Which denomination you begin with is up to you along with the number of and limits of the higher denominations. I usually prefer starting at 25 cents and sometimes I top off at $25. But usually I’ll go only as high as $5. That’s because even though the higher denominations are an integral part of how I’ve played successfully over the years, I’m really not all that comfortable playing them.

In fact, when people ask me to identify which level most fits my comfort zone, I tell them $2. You see, over the years while other players may not be able to get their thrills any longer playing nominal levels (so they now take more chances and pot shots than necessary or sensible) I’ve never had that problem. And it all comes from a player’s control over what they are doing and how they do it.

ARTT at first confuses players, but those who embrace it find it a very easy method. For consistency to last week’s denominations, let’s use the same 25c/50c/$1/$2/$5 spread as we did in RTT. And as I said, you can start at pennies, dollars, or anywhere in between. Ratios and number of denominations aren’t as important in ARTT as they are in RTT.

The strategy bases its session mini-win goal on the starting denomination – in this case, quarters. The beginning game is Bonus Poker (BP), and at 25 cents your mini-win goal is always $1.25.

Doesn’t seem like much? Give me a few minutes and you’ll change your mind. Remember, mini-win goals are there only to give direction and meaning to your play. It’s your overall session win goal that dictates when you will go home.

With ARTT and at these denominations – or with any spread/number of denominations – the player can choose his or her own session quitting point and number of mini sessions to play. It really doesn’t matter and make it a reasonable one. Just don’t let greed guide your choice. The bankroll requirement is simple: 3X 400 credits of the highest denomination you intend to play.

The strategy starts by playing a hand on 25c BP. Any push or win means do it again – unless you’re lucky enough to reach your session win goal on the first hand. A win of two pair or better is a mini-session victory. You’re really starting over again when that occurs.

If you lose at your first hand, you play a hand on 50c BP. Lose at that and play one hand at $1 BP. Lose there and play a hand at $2 BP. Get two pair or better here and you’ve reached your mini-win goal once again, so it’s back to 25c BP to start again.

 But if you instead lost your hand on $2 BP, you must go to $5 BP and hope for two pair or better on your first hand. If not, then you play up to 95 more credits on $5 BP – always shooting for that mini-win goal of $1.25.

 Remember, once you’ve lost through $2 BP that means you’ve lost $18.75. It’s necessary to keep track (on paper if necessary) of where you need to be in your $5 play in order to claim yet another success.

What if you were to lose your 100 credits at $5 BP? Simple, just put in 300 more credits worth and play it on Double Double Bonus Poker (or the more attractive/appropriate Super Double bonus Poker/Triple Bonus Poker + if available) and continue trying to attain that $1.25 profit.

No doubt you’ll start worrying at this point at whatever your top level happens to be. But here’s what the strategy is all about. Many times, you will recover and make a bit more than $1.25 in profit – thus allowing you to return to the quarter level and begin again.

Sometimes you will lose all 420 credits without hitting your mini-win goal. And sometimes, you will hit huge winners that almost always overwhelm any losses you’ve incurred in earlier sessions along the way. That is why you bring the recommended bankroll, and why you must follow the strategy without wavering if you want to be successful in your ARTT play.

As in all my strategies, I utilize plays (about 5 percent of the time) that deviate from optimal play for the best opportunity. If you have questions about those, feel free to contact me at any time at [email protected] or [email protected]

I won’t ask for your money. Everything I do for the player is for free, so how can you go wrong with ARTT? Enjoy!