Yankees own best team money can buy

Mar 3, 2009 5:04 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

In a week that is almost devoid of any important news, I’ll struggle to get through this week. I can’t discuss the economic issues facing all within our borders, as well as almost every corner of the planet, as being an eternal optimist my words would be distorted.

However, I must admit that my glass being half full is still encouraging. It could be only a third full. This great country will not only overcome present adversity, but I truly believe will emerge even stronger because of it. In the meantime, keep firing because baseball has just about arrived, and the sun always shines on the Boys of Summer.

It must be reassuring that the Steinbrenner family saw fit in this off-season to commit $400 million dollars to three major league players, including two pitchers and a valuable first baseman for their Yankee club. They now own the best team that money can buy. Put the three newcomers with the likes of A-Rod, Jeter and Posada, and it’s difficult to disagree with me.

I am totally aware that that is why they play the games, but in this case all others will be just shilling for this powerhouse. I am shocked that they didn’t snap up Manny also, but perhaps he wasn’t asking enough. What the hell is another $45 million?

The betting process on individual games will reflect their overall dominance almost immediately. Laying the run line (minus one and half runs) may turn out to be the only way to go into their games.

However, even that will in most cases show them in a minus position, as they have a great bullpen and should be able to hold on to 2- and 3-run leads.

At any rate, there will be numerous betting opportunities for all, and they come every day, so you gotta love it! I’ve never found a game yet that I couldn’t place a wager on somehow.

In Nevada it may behoove the books to expand their betting selections, such as runs scored for either team, props on selected players, total pitches thrown, relief pitchers used, and extra base hits including total home runs. I know it’s more work, but it will surely increase their volume, and theoretically their profits.

Just a reminder – the 2009 World Baseball Classic is set to get under way. This year it should be interesting, as parity has taken over. Among the leading countries are Japan, Dominican Republic and the USA. Many great players are participating, and it looks like a fabulous tournament. It will surely be fun for us, but as in the Olympics, winning for one’s country is huge.

Remember, buy American, and now you can include peanut butter.

Have a great week!