Familiarity with video keno patterns can pay off!

Mar 10, 2009 4:06 PM
Cluster Keno by L. J. Zahm |

There’s a pattern emerging here.

I’ve never hidden the fact that I enjoy playing patterns on the video keno machine, even though I must concede that, theoretically, any group of numbers has an equal chance of hitting compared to any other group.

Thus, there’s an equal probability of hitting eight out of eight, whether you’ve marked a single column of eight numbers, a two-column box of eight numbers or whether you’ve drawn a pattern that resembles a warthog in heat.

Nonetheless, I still like to play patterns, which is basically the result of observing how keno spots land after many years of playing.

Patterns are easy to mark, they’re easy to remember and, for myself, they have a track record of paying off at some point.

This past weekend, I decided to stray from my usual suspects of keno patterns and try a few new ones. For instance, I often use an entire eight-number column or 2x4 box of eight numbers to mark eight 7-spots on the Multi-Card (20-card) Keno game.

But, instead, I marked a few different eight-number configurations: instead of a vertical box, I marked a horizontal eight-number box; I also tried a three-by-three box with the center number omitted.

Unfortunately, I had marginal success: I came close to a few jackpots, but nothing worth writing about here.

When I went back to an old favorite, the jackpots returned, including a long-lost W-2G payoff.

The pattern that worked so well is the "outside" eight numbers on a row of 10 numbers, that is, the first four numbers coupled with the last four (the two middle numbers aren’t used for this pattern).

On the Multi-Card Keno machine, that meant marking eight 7-spots on the outside eight numbers on two adjoining rows (a total of 16 7-spot cards).

On the other four cards I marked two overlapping 8-spot cards on the inside eight numbers (the outside two numbers weren’t used).

Imagine my joy when all eight numbers filled in one of the outside patterns, resulting in a jackpot consisting of eight solid 7-spots, each one paying 7000-for-1! (That’s a total of 56,000-for-1, or $11,200 on a fully-loaded nickel machine or $2,240 on a penny machine.)

After being paid off, I moved to a few other machines, which I played using the same pattern. However, I was "only" able to hit seven of the eight numbers on three of them. That payoff isn’t bad either, resulting in a solid 7-spot plus seven 6-of-7 jackpots.

I’m sure there are other patterns that work equally as well, and I’ll keep looking for them. In the meantime I’ll stick with these, but if you’ve had any success with a "secret" pattern, let me know. I can keep a secret.