Hail, to IGT’s slot machine Pharaoh!

Mar 10, 2009 4:10 PM
Slots of Luck by L. Sabin |

Pharaoh’s Gold, an IGT MultiWay slot, has 243 ways to win. It has 25 lines with a 10x max bet. I play this slot almost anytime I see it.

The sound effects are great (it plays "Walk Like An Egyptian") and it has frequent wild and scatter pays. Pharaoh’s Gold has been pretty lucky for me even when not getting into bonus spins. Of course, the 15 free bonus spins are what I’m striving for.

On this MultiWay machine you are paid for symbols on adjacent reels instead of the usual pay lines. This game stacks symbols on a reel, which is how you win on MultiWay. And, this happens fairly often.

The wild symbol is a zany Egyptian Pharaoh with sunglasses who smiles and winks when on a pay line. I start play with 2x bet on all 25 lines.

The scatter bonus symbols count even if you aren’t playing a line they’re on. If I play and am not hitting anything, I will go down to 15 lines (you lose the top and bottom spots on the fifth reel).

 I will up the bet per line a couple of times, then go back to the 25 line 2x bet. This usually triggers a response, which seems favorable to larger line bets. But you want to be playing all 25 lines when you get into the bonus game.

I have also found that this slot seems to hit in cycles. If I’ve changed my bet and still nothing is happening I will add money, even $1. If that doesn’t work I go down to just 1x and keep playing for awhile. Usually when it comes back it gives you a good pay back.

This is one of those machines you want to watch. If someone is playing and not winning, it would be advantageous to play after them. If they have been winning, you might want to wait awhile and let it get some more play before trying it.

When last playing Pharaoh’s Gold, I got one of the symbols stacked and at least one on all five reels for a $50 payoff. Two more spins and I won the 15 free bonus spins.

During the bonus spins, if any symbol in column five matches a symbol appearing on three of the four remaining columns, that fifth column is swapped with the column not having the matching symbol.

I won $98.40 during the bonus spins and I decided to cash out while up $160.