Adjust your poker play to the opponent

Mar 17, 2009 4:04 PM
From the Heart by ‘Oklahoma’ Sarah |

My heart is full of the memories of my last trip to Paris a couple of years ago when I played a heads-up No Limit Hold’em match with "The Devil Fish!"

Here are a few of my secrets that I use when playing poker with the experts.

• Consider the size of the pot under consideration: If my turn to bet, I check. If I want to be called, I bet two times the pot. If not called, I bet four or more times the size of the pot. If the expert checks, I bet if I like my hand and what is behind me. If the expert bets, I fold unless I raise.

• If the expert talks to me, I just smile and don’t respond: When the hand is over, I give him another smile while I am stacking his chips.

• If the expert is in control of the table, I let him keep it: This way I set the trap where I will bust him or double my chips. For more methods just email me at [email protected].

Yes, I won the challenge match with The Devil Fish, but I am not sure his mind wasn’t more on asking me to dinner than on the poker game. He is a really good poker player, but I already had a date.

The Warrick Hotel where my family stayed is just around the corner from the world famous Aviation Club on the Champs Elysee. They play a lot of Pot Limit poker over there in Paris, and they sure smoke a lot.

We were the guests of Bruno Futossi, who is the poker guru in Paris. My father, Oklahoma Johnny Hale, was hosting "The European Seniors" No Limit Poker Tournament that he created several years ago.

I was going to tell you a little bit about shopping and sightseeing in Paris, but I want to go to the Venetian poker room here in Vegas where they are having some of the best $2-$5 No Limit Hold’em games in the world.

OK-S Tip Of The Week

You have to believe in yourself! I plan to play in the $10,000 main event this year in the World Series of Poker! Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to give myself a gold star for playing in the WSOP or for persisting and just playing poker.

There’s always the chance I will find a four leaf clover today on St. Patrick’s Day and won’t need to have a star at all!

I am ‘OK’-Sarah and I always Stay Lucky!!