Caesars Palace remodels race & sports book

Jun 5, 2001 7:05 AM

Forget the rumors about Caesars Palace scaling down its race and sports book.

Caesars Palace new race and sports book has been remodeled and the size has stayed about the same.

Gone is the old sports book area. But the area behind it, where slot machines existed (now removed), is now the new sports book area, which goes back to the square-shaped bar in the casino. So now the race and sports book line up together and wrap around in a semi-circular setup.

"Everything really flows as one continuous book," said Caesars Palace race and sports book director Chuck Esposito. "The public response has really been positive."

The television set up has changed - for the better.

In front of about five rows of chairs (set up stadium-style without the slope), are three movie screen televisions, two are larger than the third.

Just below the screens are 10 60-inch televisions. Those 60-inch televisions are set up at eye-level. So, if you want to watch eight games at once, you don’t have to turn your head around or up.

In the race book, two big screen televisions have been added. Esposito said there would be 35 televisions in the book when it’s complete.

Gone from the old sports book area are the desks. But Esposito said 120 additional chairs have been ordered. Also the desks in the left side of the existing race book will be pulled to put in new seating. The existing desks in the race book with individual television monitors will stay. So now, the sports book will take up a quarter (the left side) of the race book.