Lakers poised to sweep entire NBA playoffs

Jun 5, 2001 7:07 AM


The question is will the Lakers win the NBA title in four games or more. Odds are against Lakers winning in four, however they are not long odds.

L.A. demolished all opposition they have met thus far.

Only thing that can stop the Lakers is complacency, and thus far they have shown no signs of that. Feeling here Lakers could be susceptible in game one, win the first then chalk up the first NBA title being won without a loss. It says here Lakers in four.


Cubs, Phillies and Twins refuse to go away and every game that’s played is one more closer to playoffs.

Long way to go however, keeping short enders around gives them the idea they belong and are tougher to dislodge. Week end games mean one third of the season is over and it’s time to get down to business.

Games for week ending June 10:

St. Louis Cardinals at Colorado Rockies: Cards have been slumping of late while Rockies have been on a winning pace. Going with Pedro Astacoi and Scott Hampton for a couple of victories.

Atlanta Braves at N.Y. Yankees: Braves haven’t been doing that good versus the Yankees, that’s about to change this weekend when Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux win a couple.

Cincinnati Reds at Cleveland Indians: Reds slumping Indians on a roll, however things change this weekend when Charles Nagy makes his second mound appearance coming off the Disabled list. Going with Chris Reitsma and Oswaldo Fernandez to stop the Tribe.

Milwaukee Brewes at Detroit Tigers: Brewers one of the surprises in the N.L. Central try to hold their own versus A.L. teams. Going with Ben Sheets, Jimmy Haynes for a couple of victories.

Florida Marlins at Toronto Blue Jays: Marlins A.J. Burkett is pitching out and capable of winning every time he goes to the mound. Ryan Dempster along with Burnett to halt Blue Jays heavy hitters who are slumping.

Montreal Expos at Baltimore Orioles: Both teams have come to life lately, however Orioles started earlier.

Sidney Ponson wins one for O’s while Hideki Irabu garner one for the Expos.

Philadelphia Phillies at Boston Red Sox: Moment of truth for Philadelphia when they hit Fenway Park. Red Sox hotter than a five-alarm fire, throw everything the Phillies way including Pedro Martinez and David Cone. Sox win two and possibly sweep all three.

N.Y. Mets at Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Mets get a chance at life, facing pitching poor Devil Rays, should fatten up their batting averages in that homer happy park. Mets sweep all three with Saturday and Sunday games over in the totals.

Chicago Cubs at Chicago White Sox: Bad time for Cubs to visit White Sox. Sox will be primed for Cubbie hide and slow down their express ride through the N.L.

Going against Cubs Kevin Tapani and Kerry Wood.

Arizona Diamondbacks at K.C. Royals: D’backs must be licking their chops at the thought of facing Royals pitching. Curt Schilling and Brian Anderson take down a couple of wins.

Pittsburgh Pirates at Minnesota Twins: Twins run into some soft pitching in the Homerdome. Pirate pitching softened up somewhat by Atlanta who can’t hit any other staff except Pirate pitching. Brad Radke, Eric Milton and Julio Santana win three games.

Houston Astros at Texas Rangers: Name of the game here is hitting and both sides do a good job against the others’ moundsmen. Over in the series with Wade Millers and Shane Reynolds winning two of the three games.

S.F. Giants at Oakland A’s: A’s pitching will be hard put to stop Bonds and Jeff Kent; however, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson are more than capable of doing the job.

Double play versus Livan Hernandez who has been in a slump past month.

San Diego Padres at Seattle Mariners: Bad time for Pads to visit Seattle, Mariners hottest team in baseball meet Padres who are slumping. Mariners could sweep all three here, however we look for Adam Eaton to win one for the visitors.

Anaheim Angels at L.A. Dodgers: Dodgers need a lift, will have to earn one here. Angels tough on all pitchers. Dodger hurlers Kevin Brown and Darren Dreifort have the tools to stop Anaheim.