'Super Seniors' Slot tops at Sunset Station

Mar 24, 2009 4:08 PM
Slots of Luck by L. Sabin |

Do you ever wonder what became of those fabulous never aging, hunky, sexy super heroes from our comic book past?

Well I found them on a slot at Sunset Station. Our super heroes are now "Super Seniors," who amazingly are still fighting super villains. Can you imagine a gray haired granny Wonder Woman in spandex? Well she’s there right alongside a bald, pot bellied grandpa Superman. He’s minus the cape, but still sporting his blue spandex guise.

This Bally Technologies 5-reel, 20-line 10 max play machine is entertaining and fun to play. The other symbols along our two graying super heroes are the appearance of the super awesome big letters Kabam!, Wham!, and Zap!, along with shadows of the super villains behind bars.

The scatter is a giant searchlight scanning the city skyline. The bonus symbol is a bright red, old fashioned cradle style telephone, leftover I’m sure from when the super seniors were in their prime.

Getting red phones in the first three columns puts you in the bonus game. The secondary screen appears and you have to choose which of our Super Seniors you want to battle the villains. After you pick one, another screen appears featuring our chosen hero in the center and the four super villains along the sides.

You then pick a villain for our hero to battle. They exchange a few bards featured in traditional comic book bubble style. Then our hero gets down to action and the battle begins behind a giant comic book cloud bubble which emits the characteristic Wham!, Zap! sound effects.

If our hero wins the battle, the villain is put behind bars, the player wins points and chooses another villain for our hero to battle. When the hero loses, the bonus is over.

If playing this game doesn’t make you laugh, it will at least put a smile on your face.

I play 40 cents (two per line) on this game and only start with $5 or $10 and I usually cash out with more than I start with. This time I started with $5 and played down to 55 cents. I hadn’t got into the bonus so I put in another $1 and started play to 20¢.

 Sure enough I got into the bonus game and had a couple of good hits. I cashed out soon after playing the bonus round, finishing with $20.10. One of these days I’ll try playing Super Seniors for real, but in the meantime I’ll settle for being thoroughly entertained.