Jun 5, 2001 7:43 PM

Detroit's MotorCity Casino is the target of an investigation into an embezzlement scheme by employees that may have cost the casino more than $100,000.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board has blamed the thefts on lax oversight and faulty internal controls, according to an Associated Press report. Regulators have scheduled a June 21 meeting with casino officials to discuss the thefts. Based on the outcome of the meeting, the casino could be assessed fines and other penalties, the report said.

The manner of the thefts was not described, but the report indicated they occurred over a six-month period and involved more than 20 employees, some of whom have been suspended or fired.

Control Board Executive Director Nelson Westrin said more than $100,000 was stolen, adding that the final amount is "potentially much larger."

MotorCity Casino is owned by Las Vegas-based Mandalay Resort Group.