LVSC has its in-game on

Mar 24, 2009 6:46 PM
by Mark Mayer |

In-game wagering is now another part of the growing value of Las Vegas Sports Consultants to the M resort operation.

"We developed with Cantor Gaming what is known as Stadium Software, which automatically offers in-game wagering choices as the situation warrants," said Kenny White(pictured), director of operations at LVSC. "It’s much easier for the computer brain to operate the system than the human brain, but we have the ability to tweak things."

The M has been using in-game wagering for selected NCAA tournament matchups involving competitive lines (those less than 10 point favorites). With M and LVSC still working out the bugs, they are keeping it simple – wagering on just point spreads, money lines and totals. But White says there are many sports to conquer with unlimited action available.

"We are basically the game operator that watches every sporting event," White said. "We can have instant injury updates and inject so much information. Basketball is the most difficult sport to do, but people have really taken to the in-game concept and we are all happy to be a part of something that will radically change the way people wager."

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The next project for LVSC in terms of in-game wagering is the start of major league baseball. Plans are in place to operate it for the start of the season on Monday, April 6 but White indicated that in-game wagering could start for the Sunday night opener on April 5 in Philadelphia between the Phillies and Atlanta Braves.

"Baseball will be huge attraction with our bettors and there’s so much we can do with the Stadium Software," White said. "At first we will just team options such as total runs in an inning, hits, updated lines and totals. With our system running, you will have people constantly betting baseball situations for up to three hours.

But the big kahuna in Las Vegas sports wagering is the Super Bowl and White predicts that the handle could at least double through in-game opportunities.

"Normal Super Bowl handles statewide would be from $80-90 million," White said. "With the prospects on in-game wagering, it’s possible Nevada could do $200 million on the Super Bowl if the entire state was involved. And, other books are watching how M is doing and are curious about it."

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