Common mistakes in Texas Holdem

Mar 26, 2009 8:17 PM

Playing poker profitably is an art. However, many people, in their lust to earn more money tend to make several mistakes playing poker. Here are some common mistakes in Texas Holdem

The first most common mistake in Texas Holdem is to pay to see the flop and playing a loose starting hand. Play only the best and solid starting hands by focusing on pocket pairs, suited connectors and fold if cards are weak. 

Since position is everything in Texas Holdem, playing out of position can be costly. To play poker profitably, play more starting hands in late position and fewer in early position. 

Most people believe that playing poker is an inborn trait. They could not be more wrong. Playing poker profitably requires math, psychology, strategy and a deep understanding of the game. Players must study the game, practice hard and attain skill in order to play a wining game. 

Never play on tilt. Do not get emotional in a game. If you are not in the right frame of mind, or are to tired or stressed out, stop playing. 

Avoid playing the wrong limits. If you are over your head, you are going to lose. If you are better than your opponents, then move up the limits ladder. The objective is to build your bankroll and when you are confident you can play poker profitably and move up. If you lose your bankroll, move down and start again with lower limits. 

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Another mistake most poker players make is that they play the cards instead of the player. Your opponent is who you need to focus on, so find out his betting patterns, his tics and tells and his habits and only then will you be able to defeat him. 

One big mistake in poker is setting a pattern and playing predictably. Be conscious of your betting patterns, do not allow your opponents to anticipate your every move. Shift gears, and mix things around a bit. 

Once you are on a streak, it is difficult to stop. But always know your limits, as what goes up must come down. And once down the eternal hope of winning it again keeps you going on. If you are experiencing a series of bad beats, stop playing. Fold your cards and leave the table. 

Finally, people jump into the game without understanding pot odds. You do not have to be a genius to understand and calculate pot odds. Reading others’ games, and strategies, practicing and learning about pots and odds will help you to play a profitable poker game.

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