You want fascinating? Try those field bets!

Jan 22, 2008 11:21 PM

Crapshooter by Larry Edell | Craps professionals know that their wining depends on streaks. When a positive streak occurs, they bet more. When a negative one comes along, they bet less.

When you play the field, you can determine whether to increase or decrease your bets, and then use a rotating field progression.

In order to accomplish this efficiently, you will need a win goal and a loss limit. Let’s say your buy-in is $500, so your starting unit on the field should be $5. You should not make any other bets and you should quit when you’ve won or lost your goal or limit – about 30 percent of your buy-in, or $150 in this case.

You’ll need to keep betting on the field without missing any bets. This means you have to bet before the come-out roll as well, and be 100 percent sure the dealers know your bet is on.

If you make a bet and the dealer even thinks it is off then you won’t get paid.

To start, take a red chip and place it on the field. If you win, increase your bet by one unit ($5). If you win again, increase it by one unit again.

So, now you have $15 on the field. If you lose the next bet, just go down one unit, so you’re now at $10.

You are not doubling your bet on a win, even if you hit a 2 or 12. You are going up one unit when you win and going down one unit when you lose. If you have $50 on the field and the 12 (or 2) hits and you win $100, just increase your next bet by $5 to $55 and pocket the rest.

Your win goal of $150 means the money in your pocket plus your money on the table. So, if you started out with $500 and now have a combination of $150 on the table plus the chips on your rack, then it’s time to stop.

If the shooter happens to hit a string of non-field numbers, you are limited in your losses because you are decreasing your bet by one unit on a loss until you hit zero.

Then, you’ll start betting one unit ($5) again. At zero, if you lose four bets in a row, you are down $20 (four times $5). If you then win the next four bets in a row you are up $50 ($5 plus $10 plus $15 plus $20). Remember, you will keep betting until you either win or lose one-third of your buy-in.

The most important part of this plan is to make sure your field bet is always "on" before the come-out roll. Once you tell the dealers what you’re doing, they will help you with this, but when you first start out betting, make sure they know your bet is always on. You don’t want to lose money even though you made the correct bet!

There, now you know the secret of betting on the field!