North Carolina has too many weapons for Villanova

Mar 31, 2009 5:11 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

At least two of the Number 1 seeds had to be knocked out before the Final Four. I was elated to see that one was Pitino’s club, for all his arrogance he portrayed when UNLV knocked off his team. This time he at least shook Tom Izzo’s hand, a gesture he wouldn’t extend to Lon Kruger.

Additionally, he was too proud to have his team go into the fouling mode with 2½ minutes to go, as he felt it was useless because of the 15-point deficit.

The other top seed to be knocked out was Pitt, a tough club that barely lost to an underdog Villanova team that is playing somewhat over its head. However, make no mistake about it, a hot club at this point can beat anyone, and the Cats are sizzling.

Two of the last three college b-ball games will show that Connecticut will be too strong defensively with 7-plus footer Thabeet rejecting or altering numerous shots inside the paint; and North Carolina with speed and accurate outside shooting will wear down Nova, and set up the final between the Tar Heels and Connecticut.

The Huskies will try to slow down the action, but in the second half will fall behind and begin to pick up the tempo, and then get run out of the gym by the deep bench play of the new National Champion, the Tarheels.

Now that we’ve finished with the college hoops for another season, let’s take a deep breath and get ready for Sunday night, as the Boys of Summer take center stage. One thing of interest for the total bettors is that run production figures to go lower, as performing enhancing drugs surely will not be in the equation. I think.

The good news of the week starts off with the auto industry, a problem we haven’t addressed yet. The auto industry in this country is in trouble. Frankly, we are manufacturing an inferior product at a higher cost than out foreign competitors. Almost all successful businesses must be made up of people knowing their market and doing their homework, and aggressively pursuing a customer base and significantly adjusting priorities to the changing times.

Yesterday’s success is not necessarily today’s answer. Our four big manufacturers are guilty of some tweaking of their products, but only on a superficial basis. It’s time to rethink the market, and give customers what they need and want.

If they take the government’s bail out dollars and re-tool the assembly lines from Hummers, Continentals and Cadillac’s into Nanos, they will indeed accomplish all of the above criteria for success (note: Nano is the name for a new car developed by the Tata Group, a corporation with roots in India. Their product sells for a little over $2,000, and gets 55 miles per gallon, and is capable of 65 mph).

Other byproducts for the consumer include reduction of insurance coverage costs and gas consumption. What could be wrong with this picture?

Question of the week: What do you suppose they do to guys like us if we told a lie under oath to representatives of government? Possibly a year’s probation like Miguel Tejada got? More likely they’d throw away our key.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Ricky Sobers, the ex-UNLV and NBA star. He had just finished an hour session with my 12-year-old grandson, who enjoys basketball. Ricky works out of the Club Sport Green Valley in Henderson, Nevada, and is an excellent teacher of basketball fundamentals. Kids this age are definitely impressionable, and a session with Ricky was worth its weight in gold.

Have a great week.