NIT - Baylor vs San Diego St - 03-31-09

Mar 31, 2009 7:02 PM
by GT Staff |


4 p.m. at Madison Square Garden

Baylor -1 vs San Diego St (136)

San Diego State won three games to reach the NIT semifinals, but each one was at Cox Arena. The Aztecs posted double-digit wins over Weber State and Kansas State before holding off St. Mary’s in the quarterfinals. San Diego State has a fine 26-9 record that includes eight wins in its last nine games. Not that being the 66th best team in the nation by winning the NIT is any great shakes, but the Mountain West can use all the positive PR it can get after seeing its highly competitive league get only two spots in the NCAA tournament.

Baylor looked to be headed to the NCAA’s off a 13-2 start, but went just 7-12 the rest of the way leading into the NIT. The Bears did upset Kansas in the Big 12 tourney and lost to Missouri in the final to set the stage for this nice run. Baylor defeated Georgetown at home and then won road games against Virginia Tech and Auburn. Baylor has had the tougher road to Madison Square Garden and played in the stronger conference. BAYLOR.