IGT's Kenny Rogers' 'Gambler' can be winner

Apr 7, 2009 5:07 PM
Slots of Luck by L. Sabin |

Wandering around Planet Hollywood, I came upon one of IGT’s tried and true video slot machine gems, "Kenny Rogers The Gambler."

Of course it helps if you happen to like Kenny’s music. I go way back to the generation that remembers Kenny from his days in the "First Edition" with songs like "Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town," "Reuben James" and Something’s Burning."

But it’s the countrified Kenny and his mega-hit "The Gambler" song with the lyric "Know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em," that really applies to this entertaining and profitable game.

The Gambler is a 5-reel, 15-line slot, featuring Kenny’s real voice and plays the song of which we spoke. This game can be played from 1-15 lines. You can play up to 20 credits per line for a maximum bid of 300.

Players have the Free Spin Express Bonus, where they can hear the train whistle and earn free spins. There is also The Gambler Bonus, which consists of five turns at picking the best poker hand. The option is to take the hand dealt or chance it by folding them and choosing another one.

I managed to spend most of the evening on the plus side at the Kenny thanks to those Gambler Bonuses. What I liked the most is that there are no tricks. When the first card drawn is a 10 and the next one a Jack you know darn well you’re getting a Royal Flush. Same with a Straight Flush, Four of A Kind and down to Two Pair.

The winning amounts can vary. Sometimes a Royal Flush can pay 960 or it can pay 580. Just depends. But these bonuses do come around fairly often so you won’t feel cheated. The Free Spin Express is less frequent, but can be huge if one of the boxcars you select gives 6X the value. We were fortunate to have that happen once and came away with over 4,000 credits or $40 in our 15 line, two credits play.

This machine is set up on penny denomination but is coin-less. The enhanced sound feature with the "bat" ear speakers on the top of the cabinet is nice. We started with $20 and decided to