NFL draft, tax filing make interesting reading

Apr 7, 2009 5:10 PM
Book Reviews by Howard Schwartz |

Avid fans of the pro football draft might prepare themselves for The Big Day with Pro Football Weekly’s 2009 Draft Preview (180 pages, paper bound,$19.95), as it projects each team’s needs, position rankings and in-depth player reports.

Compiled by Nolan Nawrocki and the Pro Football Weekly staff, you’ll see the positive, negative and a grade for each player at each position. How many of these players might help a franchise rebuild or suddenly become a rare impact player in their rookie season always remains a question. You’ll even be alerted to players with a possible drinking problem; which players lack durability or motivation at times and where a height or weight disadvantage might be important.

Overall, a fine guide to alert you to how intelligent a draft certain teams conducted and how a team might surprise in 2009.

The sixth edition of The Tax Guide for Gamblers by Roger and Yolanda Roche (64 pages, spiralbound,$29.95) might be just in time for those who wonder how much they’ll owe or get in a refund in regard to gambling winnings and losses in the previous tax year.

There are four sections to this comprehensive and respected guide:

The first involves tax basics with an emphasis on keeping records of your winnings and losses, whether it be sports betting, table games, slots, keno or bingo.

Did you know casino comps are considered income from gambling? What about foreign tourists and withholding? There are also special rules for poker tournaments you should be aware of.

A second section describes the rules for "recreational players" and how to report winnings and losses; with the third section focusing on professional players including an interesting discussion of "the case" which established the rules for pros.

There are tax benefits for professional gamblers but you’ve got to know how to file properly. Then there’s the proper way to deduct expenses; what proposition players should know and the area of partnerships and corporations.

The final section focuses on tax history, tax laws, both judicial and administrative.

Starting at page 34, for the convenience of players, there are sample forms for every level player. The book also shows you how to complete the time-saving forms.

The book should be a help to both players and their friendly accountants, but the tax deadline is just over the horizon, so don’t delay on getting this important book unless you’re asking for some sort of extension to get your stuff in order at the last minute.

These books and more are available at the Gamblers Book Shop (Gamblers Book Club) in Las Vegas. The store’s web site is, or you can call 1-800-522-1777.