WMS' Gold Fish a hit at Barley's in Green Valley

Apr 14, 2009 5:03 PM
Slots of Luck by L. Sabin |

I decided to visit Barley’s in Green Valley and the salad buffet, one of the few in town where you can indulge in a baked potato, add your own toppings and enjoy a glass of their micro brew.

With that done, it was time to hit the floor and play Gold Fish – one of my favorite slot machines.

Gold Fish by WMS is a 5-reel 20-line 10x max bet game with an upper and lower screen. The symbols are turtles, crabs, sea weed, coral, fish nets and a colorful assortment of tropical fish including a goldfish which is wild with all symbols except the scatter Fish Food.

Gold Fish has two bonus features – the Bubble and Fish Food. Three or more Fish Food bonus symbols triggers the bonus. Players choose from a set of fish food jars. Matching three identical kinds of food feeds that fish, awarding a credit amount. If you find a fourth matching fish food, you are awarded that credit amount again.

Selecting three turtle foods ends the awards. You then get to pick one of three turtles for a final credit award. If you find all the matching fish food awards, the three turtles become gold and your final award is doubled.

To be eligible for the Bubble bonus you have to bet an additional 10 credits. After selecting all lines, five fish will appear in the top screen swimming around an aquarium. Randomly, a fish bowl appears on the bottom screen. One of the five fish jumps to the bottom, awarding a bonus. The bonus awarded depends on which fish jumps into the bowl.

The random bonus can be anything from three free spins (with all symbols acting as scatters) to five. Any spin containing a wild Gold Fish gets a random multiplier from 2 to 10 times your bet. This includes the Fish Food bonus if it comes up during the free spins.

I start play with 2x plus the bonus (60 cents). If nothing hits after four or five plays. I take the bonus off and play 3 or 4x (60 or 80 cents) for a few hands then go back to 2x with the bonus play.

The random bonus rounds seem to run in cycles. If hitting a machine during a dry cycle, I drop the extra bet and go for the bigger per line.

I will also do this if the Fish Food bonus is going to come up. The bonus is worth more, the more you have bet per line. I always go back to playing the extra right after I finish with a bonus round.

This game usually comes across with a couple of good hits.

The secret is to get out ahead. On this occasion, I started with $15 plus $5 free play from the casino and cashed out with $50 after a 5-of-a-kind hit for $30.