Parity's a plus for the bettors -- especially in baseball

Apr 14, 2009 5:04 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

You gotta love it as the baseball season enters its second week, with all indications showing absolute parity. The NFL would be proud of the first week, as 73 games were charted. The bottom line was only 38 favorites got the money. That equates to 35 games that showed plus money to the bettors.

Unlike the NFL, the dog bettors in baseball get more than 11 to 10 for their wagers. I know it’s just the start of a long season, but the facts are, somehow the percentages always seem to ring true. It may be of further interest that of the 38 favorite winning teams, 32 were by two runs or more.

I’ll never advocate laying big prices, but in many cases laying 1½ runs makes more sense than passing a good betting game. It may also be of interest to you that a scan of the totals show less than a 10% difference in overs and unders.

If this equality continues and you lay minus 120 or more, the totals will surely have to be hit at about a 60% pace to break even. Unless you put a lot of time into the weather and various pitchers tendencies, and other factors you’ll never catch up to the juice.

The following teams are currently leading their divisions: Seattle, Detroit, Toronto, San Diego, St. Louis and Atlanta. If any of these current league leaders even make the playoffs you can have my watch. Boy, would Pete Rozelle love this.

The feel good story for the week is the rescue of Captain Phillips. This captain of the U.S. Alabama, a cargo ship, was captured by pirates and rescued by the U.S. Navy without a scratch. Surely Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. is smiling today as most assuredly Johnny Depp is also.

It is also newsworthy to highlight Wells Fargo Bank, which in the middle of tough times has shown a $3 billion dollar profit for this quarter. Can Bank of America be far behind? I told you things were getting better!

Have a great week.