Halos deserved win for Nick Adenhart

Apr 14, 2009 5:03 PM
On The Mark by Mark Mayer |

It was for certain a sickening feeling to hear of the tragic death of Nick Adenhart just hours after sitting home watching him pitch six shutout innings against Oakland.

But the games go on, insensitive as it can seem in tough times. And as bettors we have to deal with how the Angels or any other team would react to playing just after absorbing such a heavy personal loss.

Do you look at the sheet figuring the Angels won’t be focused to play Boston or will they perform with a huge dedication to win one for their teammate?

It’s always a hard call and one best never faced. But no doubt money was bet in Las Vegas for and against the Angels. In this case, betting LA was a wise move as Jared Weaver pitched brilliantly in a 6-3 victory as a -110 favorite.

On the lighter side, the reason I picked St. Louis to capture the NL Central was the expected comeback of past Cy Young Award winner Chris Carpenter. So far, very good.

In his first start of the season, Carpenter allowed just one hit and one run in seven innings as St. Louis defeated Pittsburgh.

Carpenter won 51 games between 2004-2006, none after until last week. When healthy, he provides the ace that the St. Louis staff most desperately needs.

Now, the Cardinals need to find a reliable closer.

Here’s our best suggestions for Wednesday’s action:

Colorado at Chicago: The return of Jason Marquis to Wrigley, but it’s the hot start of Rich Harden that will be the story. CUBS.

NY Yankees at Tampa Bay: The Andys hook up. Edge now to Pettitte over Sonnanstine. YANKS.

Florida at Atlanta: Derek Lowe is liking Atlanta and will outduel Andrew Miller. BRAVES.