NBA - Rockets at Trail Blazers - 04-21-09

Apr 21, 2009 6:50 PM
by GT Staff |


7:05 p.m. at Portland

Rockets +5½ at Trail Blazers (184)

For those who believe in the zig zag theory, Portland has the potential to do what San Antonio did to Dallas last night to even their series. The Blazers were embarrassed in Game 1, losing at home by 27 points. But. losing to Houston is nothing new. The Rockets have won four of the five matchups this season with the one loss by just 2 points. That said, Game 2 would seem an absolute must win situation for Portland. The zig zag points to the Blazers, but the stats say look at that 184. The previous five games have ended 189 and above. So we’re riding that 5-for-5. OVER.