Receiving a fish wrapped in paper not a bad thing!

Jun 12, 2001 10:48 AM

OH, NO! NOT A FISH! Once upon a time it wasn’t a very good sign if someone sent you a dead fish.

It was probably a bunch of Hollywood phooey, but the word was out far and wide that receiving a fish wrapped in paper was the kiss of death. Guys on the street believe that kind of stuff. I think even some of the good fellows believe it. Many of them tried to live up to the role cast for them by filmmakers.

At any rate, I was taken back a bit when some of my old pals from Caesars Palace way back when decided to send me a fish. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything less than a beautiful crystal carpe created by Lalique.

Leave it to the old gang from Caesars to try to have fun with me. I couldn’t wait to open the enclosed card from the designer. It read, "The theme of the Carpe figurine was a never-ending source of inspiration. Upon the crest of a wave, a finely sculptured Carpe of clear crystal leaps whirling out of the water." I love it! I had fully intended for it to share desk space with another Lalique, a crouching leopard. However, the lady of the house, who by rights claims 50% of the Carpe, says, "No way, Jose."

It’s going to be tough to leave it at home instead of on top of my large oak desk. We may have to flip a coin to see who wins. Does anyone have a two-headed coin I can borrow?

IS POINT GIVEN A SUPER HORSE? I think so. And although I readily admit that I’m strictly a horseplayer, I’ve seen plenty of good ones race. After watching him race in the Preakness and Belmont, it’s obvious that Point Given is not a Johnny-come-lately. He’s a big horse. He runs big. And if he stays sound in the careful hands of trainer Bob Baffert, I don’t see anyone in his path.

He didn’t fire - or he fired too soon - in the blistering pace of the Kentucky Derby. When it counted, the big horse came up empty. What a pity. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

THE LITTLE OLD LADY IS BACK! A Strip hotel not interested in identifying itself is the subject of plenty of inside rumors.

It seems that a little old lady (not necessarily from Pasadena) has been knocking the eyeballs out of the $100 slot machines - mostly at one casino.

"She is a sight to behold," said a pipe. "She comes in about three times a week. She almost looks like Apple Annie - not exactly run down at the heels, but certainly not one who has been winning upwards of $100,000 over a short period of time."

The pipe continued: "She carries the largest handbag I’ve ever seen. The handle is wrapped halfway up her arm. When she needs to open it, a tug of the handle is necessary to free the bag from the arm.

"I watched her play. She seems to have a system. She plays as many coins as possible until she hits. Then she goes back to one coin only.

"At first I thought she was timing herself before advancing coins in. I was wrong. Once I saw her only make a few plays with one coin in and then jump to maximum coins. Guess what? Three plays later she hit another jackpot."

What triggers her bet increase?

"I wish I could tell you. Don’t think I’m not watching, as are others in the casino. It’s probably simply a visit from Lady Luck. She certainly makes it look easy!"