Saber's Kentucky Derby selections

May 1, 2009 4:32 PM
by Richard Saber |


Race 11


This year’s edition of the Kentucky Derby was driving me crazy. As soon as I thought I had it figured out, one of my key horses would get scratched but now -- by golly -- I have decided it is just another race and just go with the best horses and that is what I am going to do.

The three best horses in the race are No. 13 I Want Revenge, No. 15 Dunkirk and No. 16 Pioneerof The Nile.

We will just key on them in the exactas, trifecta and superfecta and even try a high five.

My back-up horses are the No. 6 Friesan Fire, No. 12 General Quarters and No. 19 Desert Party. After that, it looks like No. 1 West Side Bernie, No. 2 Musket Man and No. 10 Regal Ransom. After that, in order I like 17-4-5-7-11-9-14-20 with 18-3-9-8 in the back.

Here is how I am going to play the race:

Exacta box 13-15-16

Trifecta box 13-15-16

Trifecta 13-15-16 with 13-15-16 with 6-12-13-15-16-19

Trifecta 13-15-16 with 13-15-16 with 1-2-6-10-12-13-15-16-19

Trifecta 13-15-16 with 13-15-16 with all

Tri box 6-13-15-16

Tri box 12-13-15-16

Tri box 13-15-16-19

Super box 2-13-15-16

Super box 6-13-15-16

Super box 12-13-15-16

Super box 13-15-16-19

High five 13-15-16 with 13-15-16 with 13-15-16 with 6-9-12 with 6-9-12

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