Players flock to IGT slots

May 5, 2009 5:10 PM
by GT Staff |

So far this year, casinos in Las Vegas report that several IGT slot machines have become popular with customers, including the sophisticated Star Wars multi-level progressive, and the innovative multi-play Wolf Run machines.

Here’s a closer look at each game.

Star Wars Multi-Level Progressives

The Star Wars Multi-Level Progressives are available in two base games: the 5-reel, 30-payline Jabba’s Palace theme or the 5-reel, 60-payline Duel on Mustafar theme.

Regardless of the Star Wars theme, all the games boast IGT’s one-of-a-kind group play bonus – the first competitive group play bonus in the market. This feature allows more than one player to enter the bonus at the same time. All eligible players are awarded with participation in a thrilling race in the Speeder Chase bonus.

The winning racer moves on to the action-packed, multi-level progressives rounds, which include destroying enemy spacecraft and the Death Star. The bonus event triggers every eight minutes for constant bank anticipation and excitement.

IGT’s advanced AVP technology ensures superior video, animation and sound quality to the base games and bonus rounds with movie clips from the Star Wars films. The game comes in IGT’s new widescreen cabinet featuring a 32-inch portrait top box complete with custom-sculpted R2 units (seating for two players).

Wolf Run MultiPLAY Video Slots

IGT’s MultiPLAY Video Slot is the only slot machine in the industry to give players the option of playing their favorite game up to four times, simultaneously, with different outcomes on the same machine.

This feature hasn’t been lost on slot customers. Performance data from across the country show MultiPLAY drives big numbers. What players are finding are a comfortable gaming experience with four equal-sized game screens and bonuses that play one after the other.

Basically what this concept does is take one machine and make it four times more exciting. As players bet higher, they can play one, two, three or up to four different games, each playing independently from the other.

Wolf Run slots have 50 paylines of action. They also feature "Stacked Wilds" on each of the four games that generate multiple wins on multiple paylines, with one spin.

Each game spins independently, enabling a clear understanding of each game’s outcome. Players can initiate bonuses on up to all four games at the same time. The bonus rounds fill the game screen, and each bonus plays one after the other.

Wolf Run MultiPLAY Video Slots have a very high base game hit frequency, 81%, and also feature a player-friendly button panel, making wagering easy-to-understand.

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