Fortunes can flip quickly in no limit poker

May 5, 2009 5:07 PM
Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale |

From penthouse to outhouse and back

I just spent time in Oregon playing in the Spring Round Up at the Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton. Yes, I cashed a couple of times and seldom told bad beat stories. Just this once I will tell a bad/good beat story.
The event started out as a $300 No Limit Hold’em poker tournament with 399 players, each beginning with $5,000 in chips. I played with some degree of skill and a good measure of luck. After six hours of play, it was time out to eat a few too many hot tamales and a big bowl of berry cobbler.

My good friend Bob Thompson, a member in good standing in "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker/Poker Players Hall of Fame was playing at the other remaining table. Bob got unlucky and finished on the bubble, but won a couple of thousand dollars for finishing tenth.

I played a little high-limit $3,000 ante, $15,000 small blind and $30,000 big blind poker No Limit poker. I had the dealer button and arrived at the final table as the chip leader (over $280,000 in chips). All totaled, there was $73,000 in the pot before any betting.

A whippersnapper liked his hand and bet all of 270,000 chips going all in. It was passed up to me on the dealer button. I wanted to let a few of the short stacks go broke and move up the money ladder, but I looked down at two beautiful black kings.

Before I knew what I was doing, I beat the whippersnapper into the pot. I turned up my two black beauties and the kid had a 10 and a 9 off suit. He made a play for the pot and I called. The flop came off K,2,J (rainbow). There was no color problem and I am relaxing just a bit with my set of Kings.

When this pretty little dealer turned up a 3, I am making room for over 600,000 worth of chips to be stacked in my seat. When the dealer burned and turned an unwelcome queen, the poker god snatched defeat from my hands of victory!

The unwelcome queen made the whippersnapper a King high straight (K,Q,J,10,9). When the chips are counted and my call is paid, I have only eight $1,000 chips left. I have lots of courage, but very few chips. Next hand I receive a 6, 2 off suit and say no to that, holding my remaining five $1,000 chips. The next hand I only have two chips left after I ante the required $3,000. There is a time when you must play. I do not have enough for the next ante so I play dark and toss in my final $2,000. The poker god smiled and said that I should win.

I called the big blind of $30,000 and won the pot with my two deuces; $102,000 I have back in two hands.

On the next hand, the two kings are back. I win the pot and am again the chip leader with over 300,000 in chips. Bad beat, good win, good win. From the penthouse to the outhouse and back in three hands!

Several players went broke and the remaining five wanted to divide the money in accordance with the chip count. If you want to know how a chip count settlement is made, email me at [email protected]

Poker Tip of the Week

We learn in life and poker that spending or expenditures rush to stay up with income. Spending must not exceed income.

If we earn $10 and spend $9.99, financially you will be a happy person!

If we earn $10 and spend $10.01 we will be unhappy. When playing poker, get up a winner even if it’s only a little.

Until next time remember to Stay Lucky.

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