Britney Spears shows sell out

May 5, 2009 5:05 PM
The Full Monti by Monti Rock III |

Britney Spears and her Circus Show landed with mixed reviews, but her shows sold out! Paris Hilton showed up with sister Nicky, if you care.

Paige O’Hara is recording a new CD for Disney. But even more sadness this week, after the death of Danny Gans, as Paige lost her sister Juli at age 54 after a long illness and the great Ruth Bowen was honored in funeral services attended by such luminaries as Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick. Ruth was my friend and manager for 36 years and I will miss her dearly.

Does this bad news ever end? "Peep Show’s" Kelly Monaco was robbed as she slept through the whole event. Also Anita Mann’s "Fantasy" will be in town to revamp the show one more time. And, my friend Frank Marino is opening in "Tony and Tina’s Wedding."

Kudos to George Wallace, the 10 p.m. King of Las Vegas, for bringing in David Brenner as a special guest star. At the Friday night show, David started slowly but went into a roll recalling his days in New York City hanging out at the Camelot Coffee Shop on 8th Avenue and West 47th Street. Good luck to David on his tour and George on his fifth year of packed houses. He’s a true showman.

Another winner is the new Joint at the Hard Rock. Paul McCartney sold out for the opening, The Killers also sold out and Santana is on his way in.

The concert for Joe Williams featured Julius LaRosa, Artie Butler, Pete Barbutti and Vin Falcone, who each donated their performances to scholarships for needy students of music at the South Point. And I hear the rhinestones are flying with the big shakeup in management at the Liberace Museum.

The "Lion King" started previews this week at Mandalay Bay. Also, Bobby Slayton is set to open his own room at the old Comedy Stop at The Tropicana. I love his tainted humor!

At the Flamingo, Toni Braxton (the real one) is suing her insurance company because she had another year to go on her terminated contract. Her heart condition apparently didn’t stop her from doing "Dancing With the Stars." Toni, let’s get real and don’t sidestep this one.

"American Idol" is down to its last four contestants with Adam Lambert in the bottom two. Either way he is going to have a huge career. His voice, presence and even his eyeliner I like!

As for "Dancing With The Stars," Julianne Hough and her partner were booted off, but Lil’ Kim seems to be riding out the ballroom fallouts. I still love that sexy guy Gilles – who is really a good dancer with a beautiful body. Oops! Well, we all saw it in the film of "Sex and The City’ La-di-da!

This week on TV, HBO features Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore in "Grey Gardens." A sensational cast! Almost as sensational as the Cleveland Cavaliers. I think they will get the golden hoop this year in the NBA Finals. I don’t know much about Cleveland except it’s in Ohio.

Round 2: Last week, I took issue with Perez Hilton and other columnists, who took the gay same-sex marriage opinion of Miss California USA Carrie Prejean to task. I think she is ready for a political rethinking. She’s beautiful, smart and needs to see the wider picture. A person has a right to an opinion. She voiced hers and that is her right under the very Articles of the U.S. Constitution!

Currently, the Nevada legislature is deciding upon a domestic partner law which will give the long sought after and much needed rights to partners of any sexual gender the same legal standing as married opposite sex couples. For many years, I had to hide my sexuality from the public. It was considered not correct.

Finally, we are in another era...

Last, but not least, I want to acknowledge John Stuart, who created "Legends in Concert." The CEO of OnStage Entertainment has his new show "Voices" at The Hilton. Good to see John back in town and up front.

By the way, May 29 is my birthday. That’s always a big deal these days. Finally, rumor has it "Menopause, The Musical" is about to head over to the Luxor when the ink dries. "Menopause" had a successful run at the Hilton.

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