Sheik finally wins one

Jun 12, 2001 11:12 AM

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, whose Godolphin Stable has won stakes races around the globe, chalked up another victory in London.

The contest was not on the racetrack, however. It was a court battle.

A gossip columnist for the London Daily Mail wrote that the Sheikh had made a substantial wager on one of his horses with Ladbroke.

Sheikh Mohammed is a Muslim, whose religion forbids gambling. Also, he is a prominent member of an Islamic community in the Arab Emirate of Dubai where some of the world’s richest races are conducted - without betting.

The sheikh won his case and accepted a public apology from the newspaper’s publishers, who breathed a sigh of relief that Sheikh didn’t insist on a financial settlement. He agreed to the apology, payment of court costs, and a contribution to his favorite charity.

No one said whether he would have won his bet had it been made. Now, if only he could come up with a Derby contender!