Picking basemall games is like picking tomatoes

May 5, 2009 5:08 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

What a wonderful sports week it was. One must give credit where credit is due. The recently completed seven game series involving the wounded Celtics and the young, energetic improving Bulls has to be listed as one of the greatest playoff series in history. With four OT games including one game that had three OT periods, and another with two OT periods, one must concede that it doesn’t get better than that.

How about Mine That Bird, blazing down the rail for a stunning finish at a $103 payoff at the Kentucky Derby? Most of us root for the underdog, unless you’re a you’re a race book director, who was likely rooting for one or two of the favorites to win or at least be in the money. Surely most books got awfully quiet after the big race, as few cashed tickets. If this happened when we were booking our own horse bets, we would have held over 50% for the day. Ah, for the good ole days!

The under teams that were singled out last week held their own, so this week I’ll give you three over teams in each league and see how they do. In the NL, the Phillies are the standout over team, especially at home. Although they haven’t hit their offensive stride yet, their pitching staff’s inability to get anyone out more than makes up for a lack of run production. They currently are giving up almost six runs per game, which means they only have to score three or four to collect an over ticket.

Colorado, with the benefit of Coors Field West, has once again endeared themselves to the over bettors. Naturally they score less on the road, but their inadequate pitching makes up for it. I never thought I’d say this, but the Dodgers are turning out to be a pretty good over team. They do benefit from lower totals, as teams in their division are usually lower scoring, with the exception of Colorado. I must admit the presence of Manny Corpas has produced at least an extra run a game.

In the AL the leader for overs is the Yankees. They have the luxury of playing at Coors Field East, and their multimillion-dollar pitching staff is the worst in baseball. As in the case of Colorado, they’ve got a lot going for them with the ballpark they play in. They’ll get better run production when A-Rod returns in about a week, if Madonna leaves him alone after a long absence from NYC.

Toronto has been hot since the season started, and they’ve outscored everyone else in baseball. I don’t think they can maintain their offense, but the over bettors have to ride them until they do. I would, however, pass the over bet when Roy Halladay goes, as he pitches effectively and finishes most of his games.

The last of the Big 3 over teams is Texas, especially when they face right handed pitching at home. Even with an injury filled line up, their pitching has held its own, with over 5½ runs given up per game. Remember, the hotter it gets in Texas, the higher the offensive output.

To prove the integrity of this column I enlisted my multitalented daughter-in-law, Sharon, who was kind enough to take photos of my emerging home grown tomatoes. Please remember that I’ve been trying for an accomplishment for many years, and finally I’ve apparently succeeded with the sincere suggestion of many.

I’m certain the daily conversations my wife had with the plants put them over the top. As an added bonus, I’ll surprise her with a mother’s day present next Sunday of a large bowl of homegrown tomatoes for the occasion.

Fresh salsa or marinara, anyone?

Have a great week!

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