Profiting from inter-league play

Jun 12, 2001 11:16 AM

Inter-league play has interesting match-ups; most intriguing is the one between the Minnesota Twins at the Cubs. Who can remember when these two teams played a meaningful game between them? Earlier in the week, Mariners and Rockies get together; fur will be flying in that series. Games for week ending June 17:

Minnesota Twins at Chicago Cubs: Kerry Wood, Kevin Tapani and Julian Tavarez go against Joe Mays, Eric Milton and Brad Radke, great match-ups here. Going with Kerry Wood and Kevin Tapani win two of the games, double play versus Joe Mays.

Colorado Rockies at Cincinnati Reds: Two teams staying in their own league meet up. Rockies improving in road games while Reds are fumbling at home and on the road. Going with Mike Hampton and Pedro Asxtacio.

Toronto Blue Jays at Montreal Expos: Blue Jays tailing off lately, Expos have been tailing off since the second week of the season. Going with Hideki Irabu for Montreal to win one game and Chris Carpenter of Toronto for a victory.

Baltimore Orioles at Philadelphia Phillies: Rejuvenated O’s go into Philly as spoilers, and able to do some damage to the Phils. Phillies still leading NL East need a winning streak to stay in front. Orioles spoil their party with victories by Jason Johnson and Jose Mercedes.

Cleveland Indians at Pittsburgh Pirates: Pirates have fallen on hard times and visiting Cleveland won’t make it any easier. Bartolo Colon and Brett Sabathia plague Pirates some more.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Florida Marlins: Marlins have ideas of a playoff position while Devil Rays have dreams of eating steak for dinner. Dinner is spoiled as Marlins put the pressure on their state rival. Matt Clement and Matt Bank take two from the Devil Rays.

NY Yankees at NY Mets: Different situation between Mets and Yankees at this time. Fans hoping Roger Clemens takes the mound for the Yankees, if so will be interesting. Going with Mike Mussina for a win and going against Roger Clemens should he take the mound.

Boston Red Sox at Atlanta Braves: Red Sox could have picked a better time to visit Atlanta. Braves starting to hit their stride, and Red Sox have suffered injuries that they can’t afford and Pedro Martinez doesn’t look invincible any more. Going with Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine to turn things around and grab two wins.

KC Royals at Milwaukee Brewers: Brewers should make hay at KC expense. Royals can’t get out of their own way. Brewers with thoughts of winning the NL Central will be double tough on Kansas City. Joe Rigdon and Jimmy Haynes grab a couple of wins.

Texas Rangers at Houston Astros: Rematch of last weeks meetings reverse the scene. Dull series more of the same only they score runs this weekend. No sense wasting funds on this one.

Chicago White Sox at St. Louis Cardinals: Cards need to turn things around falling further and further behind Cubs who may start thinking they belong in first place. Feeling here is Cards win a couple behind Matt Morris and Daryl Kile.

LA Dodgers at Anaheim Angels: Well pitched series when these two teams met in Dodger Stadium. Look for runs to come like Bananas in bunches. Dodger’s road woes continue here with Anaheim winning two games behind Ismael Valdes and Ramon Ortiz.

Detroit Tigers at Arizona Diamondbacks: D’backs red-hot, Tigers improving and should test second line pitching. No Randy Johnson or Curt Schilling Tigers in business versus Aramando Reynoso.

Seattle Mariners at San Diego Padres: Quest before the house is who is going to stop the Mariners? Not the Padres don’t have pitching capable enough to do that job. Double play on Freddy Garcia and Paul Abbott, triple play against Ken Jarvis.

Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants: Barry Bonds smashing home runs while team is slumping, one man can’t carry a club for 162 games unless he hits 400 and 65 home runs. A’s pitching comes to the fore here with Barry Zito and Tim Hudson stopping Bonds and Company cold.