About breaking a leg, I was joking Lance Burton!

May 12, 2009 5:03 PM
The Full Monti by Monti Rock III |

When I tell the great magician Lance Burton to "break a leg" in his show at the Monte Carlo, I don’t expect him to actually do it.

Burton is going to be out until June 2 after breaking a bone in his right foot. It’s the first time Lance has broken a bone in the 15,000 shows he has performed over more than 30 years. Burton has been at the Monte Carlo for the last 13 years. He was scheduled to have surgery Monday.

I wish Lance a speedy recovery and want everyone to know I am very available to fill in.

The Fremont Street Experience was this year’s location for Southwest Airlines Annual Spirit Party for their employees. Downtown Las Vegas hadn’t seen that many people since New Year’s Eve.

Some 7,000 employees of Southwest Airlines were invited to attend and the public could join in the celebration by just donating canned food. With so many Southwest employees here, who was flying the planes?

The Southwest Airlines Spirit Party probably offered a lift for local business downtown which just recently had to adjust to the closing of the theater complex at Neonopolis. Just another dagger to overcome.

Fremont Street also had a different type of "experience" with the ribbon cutting event at The El Cortez. The new Cabana Suites are now open and are beautifully decorated in an updated art deco design. It’s like looking at a modern version of a Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers room setting, and shows that downtown is still alive and worth seeing.

With the passing of Danny Gans last week Las Vegas faced one of the saddest weeks we’ve known in our community. Gans was named Entertainer of the Year 11 times and has left an indelible mark on Las Vegas.

Chip Lightman, Danny’s manager for some 18 years, said the autobiography "Voices In My Head" is currently at the publishers and may be out by June. There may also be a documentary in the works about Danny.

Gans had recently opened his show at Steve Wynn’s Encore following his closing at the Mirage. The Encore and Wynn will be holding a Memorial Service in Danny’s honor on May 21. Guests are by invitation only.

The Hilton’s new show "Bad Girls" is produced by Glen Medas and another burlesque-type adult treat. There are fabulous costumes in the show and the lead singer, Lorena Peril, is a standout. She also reprises her outstanding impression of Christina Aguilera from her "American Superstars" days. This girl will be a big star.

How can you not love scantily clad beauties performing sexy scenes that reveal their best assets? The show’s opening number features Lorena with her stylish vocals and those beautiful topless dancers revealing, well, you know. I can’t say enough good things about this show, which also features a rockin’ live band.

Sharing the room at the Hilton with "Bad Girls" is John Stewart’s show "Voices" with Earl Turner and Lani Misalucha. Earl is well known in Las Vegas and always creates that special bond with his audience while crooning those jazzy numbers. Lani is creating her own fans with that fabulous voice and great comedic talent.

After a successful run at the Hilton, "Menopause the Musical" is set to open at the Luxor on May 26. With the move to the Strip this may create a whole new fan base for the show. "Menopause" the Musical features my friend Paige O’Hara and Queen Emily in the leading roles.

"Menopause" shares producers with Dolly Parton’s Broadway production of "9 to 5," which received a Tony Award nomination despite reports of weak ticket sales. Speaking of the Tony’s, it’s amazing to hear that so many nominees have either been on Broadway before or came from movies like Dolly’s "9 to 5."

If you’re an "American Idol" fan you might be dismayed or delirious about Simon Cowell allegedly leaving the show next year, something he denied on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Personally I find him somewhat entertaining and he’s usually right with his comments even though they may be harsh. Sounds like the other three judges will return. They could do worse picking me to be the new Simon!

I say this from my current involvement in the latest John Barr commercial here in Las Vegas. Also, I’m getting ready for my Annual 70th Birthday Bash hosted by Lance and Eva Posner at their wonderful estate in Henderson.

If you’re a long time resident or visitor of Las Vegas, chances are you’ve been to Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, which has been a local favorite over the years. Arizona Charlie’s will be presenting the Bee Bop Brothers in their Naughy Ladies Lounge starting Tuesday, May 19. Hits from the 50’s and 60’s will be featured plus Charlie’s will offer drink specials and a dance contest on Wednesdays.

Once again the infamous Moulin Rouge burned down. Doesn’t this sound like a repeat every few years or so? From what I hear in its heyday, the Moulin Rouge was only open for about five months. The investment group insists they will create a new Moulin Rouge at the same location.

Even though most of us never had the opportunity to enjoy or experience the happenings around the Moulin Rouge, it’s long been acknowledged that segregation was brought to a close here in Las Vegas as a result of its creation.

Comedians rule with "The Pit Bull of Comedy" Bobby Slayton opening at The Bobby Slayton Room at the Tropicana. Another favorite of mine Vinny Favorito is still packing in the crowds at the Flamingo where he continues with his shows seven nights a week. The remarkable thing about Vinny’s show is that every night is new!

Just received my invitation to "The Lion King" which will open at Mandalay Bay on May 15. This show, which has been seen around the world is a "cannot miss." Right now it’s in previews.

It’s just rumor, but it’s sounding pretty solid that one of the big properties in Las Vegas will soon have a special three night event in June that will offer up a sound we’ve been missing since "Mamma Mia" closed at Mandalay Bay. Stay tuned.

On the horizon: Beyonce will be doing her thing at the Encore for 4 days (July 30-Aug 2). Tickets for the superstar are now on sale starting at $250 and topping at $1,000. And, Julio Iglesias, one if the biggest Latin stars of all time, will be at The Hilton June 5-6. He is also the father of Enrique and Julio Jr.

Finally, the Imperial Palace Showroom has made major renovations to welcome the first new show there in 26 years. Smokey Robinson and Don Marandino, (hotel president) will be presenting the newest Las Vegas headliners at a special showcase this week.

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