Jun 12, 2001 8:06 PM

Collecting the daily “slot drop” or all the coins accumulated in slot machines has always been a tedious task for casinos, usually involving a team of workers harvesting buckets from beneath the gaming machines.

But a new product from Casinovations, the Secure Drop Mobile Scale System, greatly streamlines the “hard count” process.

Secure Drop is a mobile system that includes an electronic weighing and measuring device that quickly and accurately records the coin count and weight from each machine. It also includes a vault that secures the coins, thus eliminating the hundreds of pounds of coin buckets normally associated with hard-count collections.

The Secure Drop system is approved for use in Nevada, and has already found its way into casinos such as The Reserve and Joker’s Wild.

Casino operators have reported the system reduces hard count time, improves count accuracy, increases coin collection security and eliminates coin and bucket spills.

Casinovations will host a free workshop on June 18-20 at the MGM Grand that will display how the Secure Drop system works. For information call Casinovations at (702) 733-7195.