CityCenter on track for Dec. debut

May 19, 2009 5:03 PM
Gaming Insider by Phil Hevener |

CityCenter CEO Bobby Baldwin says there are currently five tower cranes on this largest of all private U.S. construction projects and about 9,000 people "actively involved in its construction." Baldwin expects another 500 or so workers to be added over the next one or two months as the project peaks in terms of employment.

Opening of the various CityCenter components is as follows: the 1,500- room non-gaming Vdara hotel tower will be ready to receive guests about Oct. 1, followed by the Mandarin, Veer Towers and Crystals by Dec. 3. The 4,000-room ARIA Resort and Casino is expected to be ready Dec. 16.

Baldwin said more than 105,000 room nights have been booked for ARIA with no cancellations. Over 35,000 room nights, Baldwin said, have been booked for convention groups. That’s about 59 percent better than what Bellagio had eight months before its 1998 opening.

Baldwin said that to date CityCenter has received more than 111,000 employment applications of which 94,000 have come from outside the company. Another 17,000 are current MGM Mirage employees, mostly in the Las Vegas area. The number of people applying from within the company might have been higher but current MGM workers have been told they will be on a probationary status for the first weeks of their new jobs should they be hired.

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