This Week's Projections - 05-19-09

May 19, 2009 5:04 PM


BOSTON: Big week at Fenway Park with Red Sox Nation hosting first place Toronto (Sox miss Roy Halladay) and the New York Mets in their 1986 World Series flashback. Buckner! Boston is 13-4 at home, but both the Jays (11-8) and Mets (9-8) are OK on the road. Boston may see NY’s Johan Santana (pictured).

We like the OVER covering most of the games.

NY YANKEES: Now those Yankees fans cheer for A-Rod and Mark Teixeira. See what a 5-game win streak can do for morale! Like Boston, the Yanks are home all week – first against Orioles and then facing the Philadelphia Phillies. So this could be the Yanks version of the World Series. New York pitching is still very dicey, but the home run haven of a stadium should produce lots of OVER results. Johnny Damon has 10 homers! We rest our case.

With NY on a roll, we see a 4-2 record at least. – Mark Mayer