Who’s Hot, Who’s Not - 05-19-09

May 19, 2009 5:05 PM


SMALL PLAYING BIG: Good for Milwaukee and Texas, two small market teams doing well these days. The Rangers started the week with a 7-game win streak, including a 10-2 mark in their AL West division. The Brewers have also done damage in their NL Central division, going 14-7 on the way to a 5-game win streak. Also in common: Each team plays Houston this week.

I HATE NEW YORK! The losses were bi-coastal. The Yanks beat Minnesota in NY all three games in their last at-bat, twice in extra innings. Nothing went right for the Twins. Their stud closer Joe Nathan blew a win in the opener. Justin Morneau (pictured) and Joe Mauer each homered in two of the losses. And, now Minnesota runs into red hot Milwaukee. The Giants had thoughts of cutting into the Dodgers’ lead in the NL West until dropping 3 of 4 at AT&T Park against the Mets. The problem: SF allowed 24 runs in the three losses. The Giants have to win with pitching.