IGT's Cops and Donuts video slot's filling

May 26, 2009 5:05 PM
Slots of Luck by L. Sabin |

When you see the Cops and Donuts video slot machine in a casino, you’ll see a cheery pair of police officers in a squad car chasing down a burglar. In the background is Dunky’s Donuts, which is apparently Officer Chip’s and Officer Leon’s favorite donut shack.

IGT’s Cops and Donuts is a 20-line, 5x max bet machine that features two bonuses. The symbols are cops Rhonda, Leon and Chip who create a win when any five show up on a pay line. There is also a pair of handcuffs, yellow police tape, finger prints, paper coffee container and (of course) a variety of donuts.

The scatter is a burglar in the process of having a mug shot taken as the cops instruct the thief to "turn to the right, back to the center."

The Speed Trap bonus game begins when the police car appears on the left reel and the speed limit icon is on the right reel of the same row. A stretch of highway will appear between the cop car and the speed limit sign. A second screen will appear showing Officer Leon, the cop who caught you in his speed trap.

Players can choose from a selection of laughable excuses. "My car won’t stay running if I go slow," "I wanted to get home before the drunks let out," "No speaka da englisssshhh!" or "I was just trying to gain momentum to get up the next hill." When picking an excuse, it reveals a coin value, a multiplier or free pick. It’s possible to select three or four excuses before the bonus game ends. Each one adds to your bonus coin value.

The total is multiplied by the initial coin bet made to make up your Speed Trap bonus coin prize. If you are lucky, Leon will offer you a box of donuts after he has written your ticket. When he does, your win is doubled.

The Donut Eating bonus game is triggered when three or more "Fresh Donuts" icons appear on the first, second and third reels. You are transported to a second screen feature that shows Officer Chip in a donut shop. The bonus starts by taking a number from the ticket dispenser to determine the amount of donut trays you win.

As you make selections, Officer Chip will be seen eating donuts. That seems to be his specialty. When Chip is eating, the bonus coins are added up on the Cops and Donuts game win meter.

If this game doesn’t make you rich, it might make you want to take a trip to the casino’s breakfast shop.

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