Most popular keno numbers? Try these!

May 26, 2009 5:06 PM
by Keno Lil |

There seems to be no easy answer to what are the most popular numbers played.

Sure, there have been lots of books and pamphlets published that contain the actual draws from games played at various casinos, but I have never seen a study, or even a simple count of the actual numbers played by keno players.

Of course, with the computerized keno systems that are ubiquitous these days, it would be a trivial programming task to add this information to the system. Surprisingly, I know of no ability to do this with the current systems. Well, perhaps, upon reflection, not too surprisingly.

The ability to track actual numbers played on a per game basis would play into the fears of a number of players that the casino could somehow minimize its payouts every game. The same could be true if the system keeps track of a history of numbers played over a long period of time.

In addition, the Nevada Gaming Control Board might have some reservations about a capability such as this (although this is purely my speculation) for the same reasons.

Ironically, the capability to track actual numbers played might be of some benefit to players. If you knew which numbers were actually the most popularly played, you could perhaps play less popular numbers and diminish the chance (small, but real) of splitting a large jackpot with someone else playing your numbers.

I have included a graphical representation of the numbers I believe are the most popular based entirely upon my experience and without any direct sampling.

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