Montana’s looking good for video keno players

Jun 2, 2009 5:10 PM
Cluster Keno by L. J. Zahm |

As a fan of video keno, I’m always hopeful that the manufacturers will somehow come up with a new, compelling variation of the game.

Perhaps, they could create a few intriguing spin-offs, much the way they do with video poker every year.

Keno is a fun game, yet it would be nice to find a new variation, just like we found with Four Card and 20-Card Keno a few years ago.

Even though Nevada is the center of the gaming universe, there’s a lot it can learn from Montana, at least as far as video keno is concerned.

In Montana, keno is the most popular game. About 80 percent of the play is keno, with video poker coming in a distant second.

Perhaps one of the reasons keno is so popular there is the variety of keno games available to players.

For instance, not only do Montana keno machines offer the aforementioned Four Card and 20-card games, but their versions also offer a "Power Keno" variation.

In this game, the player gets a bonus if the last ball drawn lands in a winning ticket, similar to IGT’s Power Keno now available here.

Can you imagine the payoffs increasing if the last ball lands in one of 20 cards? Wow!

Of course, there are other keno variations, such as second screen bonus games and the like. Some machines will even show the payback percentage as the player makes his bets.

At some point, I’m told, the manufacturer of these great games in Montana will introduce them to Nevada. Stay tuned.

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