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How do you spell slots? S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E

Jun 18, 2001 1:12 AM

The new Scrabble slot machine from WMS Gaming is now appearing in Nevada casinos. Scrabble is the second game in WMS’s Puzzle Pays gaming series following the successful rollout of the Jumble slot machine last September.

“Installing the highly entertaining Scrabble branded slots in casinos enables us to increase the visibility of the Puzzle Pays participation series and expands our footprint of games earning recurring revenues,” said Brian R. Gamache, WMS Industries President and Chief Operating Officer.

Scrabble is a nine-line dual-screen video slot available in 9, 18, 45 and 90 coin configurations featuring clever character animation and interactive game play. Colorful reel symbols include the Scrabble board, a letter bag, Scrabble game tiles, scattered stars and the Puzzle Pays logo.

Lining up three or more scattered Tile Bonus symbols kicks off the first screen bonus. Players then choose Scrabble tiles that flip over to reveal letters. The sum of these tiles is multiplied by the total bet.

A second screen bonus is triggered by lining up three Scrabble board symbols on an active payline. On the bottom touch screen monitor, in the first of up to five rounds, several dancing tiles dressed as cowboys, football players or disco dancers are pictured above a Scrabble rack.

The rack contains some tiles that spell a word, but the word is missing at least one letter. Players pick one of the dancing tiles to reveal

a letter, a Strike or a Save. A letter is chosen and belongs in the word, the tile will dance its way down to join the other tiles on the rack. The word will be placed on a Scrabble board in the top box LCD-monitor. If a Strike icon, “X,” is revealed, the X will animate over the Strike meter (displayed next to the Scrabble board on the top monitor), filling in one of the Strikes.

Three Strikes ends the bonus round. If a Save is revealed, it will erase one of the filled-in Strikes. The Save feature will not occur unless at least one Strike is present. After successfully spelling a word, players receive credits associated with that word and they’re on to the next group of tiles.

The third game in WMS’s Puzzle Pays series is Pictionary, which is scheduled for release later this year.