MGM Grand’s new La Femme: Magnifique!

Jun 18, 2001 1:20 AM

What a week: Openings, press parties, announcements, invitations, back room deals”¦and enough gossip to choke a mainstream columnist! But first, the MGM has a hit on its hands: La Femme, La Femme, La Femme.

Congrats to the MGM Grand for staging a classic opening with stars and the VIP treatment for everyone involved. La Femme is the French way of saying woman, woman, woman! And these French beauties are a world apart from the plastic-engineered showgirls from other shows.

These women were incredible. La Femme is filled with tall, beautiful women with natural, sensuous bodies. Plus they are talented dancers, and the choreography of dancer, lighting, music and set design is superb. Magnifique!

As for the VIP unveiling last week, MGM outdid itself. Among the attendees were Tom Jones looking younger than ever, along with Siegfried and Roy looking younger than ever. And really looking younger than ever was Darren Romeo, the singing magician who is some type of heir to the Siegfried and Roy mantle.

My spies and other sources reveal a rumor concerning the Disney company and their desire to build a theater in Vegas. Preliminary talks reveal plans for a family theater to take advantage of the Third Coast. Disney’s budget, of course, means big sets and casts for what could be a theater version of The Lion King. Vegas is a perfect spot for a Disney venue. We have our own collection of dwarfs.

Alas, the sorry tale of Tanya Harding continues. The once notorious figure skater, whose husband tried to relocate Nancy Kerrigan’s kneecaps before the Olympics in 1992, (only to have Kerrigan hop her way to a medal) is back! Tanya returns with her new breast augmentation and she wants $50,000 upfront for a new topless show! From felon to femme fatale! Not so fast, plastic chicke! Rumor is Bill Mahr is peddling the show around town, and I wouldn’t pay two cents to see it”¦so hide your crowbars and wear kneepads!

The Sahara has agreed to hold over the popular Rat Pack for another year. Recently they held a first anniversary party for the show, which attracted plenty of media attention. I have been a fan of the show since it was at the Desert Inn and I’m still a fan. Sahara has a winner on its hands with the Rat Pack. Someone, who remains nameless, lost control at this party and security was called causing a melee”¦poor little thing, isn’t love grand?

Also, Steve Wyrick, the magician, is building steam at the Sahara. All of a sudden, the Sahara has two hit shows!

We’re looking for great things at the Las Vegas Hilton with Sheena Easton. She has a new show for a long stay at the Hilton. What can I say, Sheena illuminates the stage as a singer and dancer, and her recent show, At The Copa, was sold out every night with David Cassidy. In her new show, she can be more of herself, so we wish her all the luck!

Donny Osmond will be spelling a week for Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance, at the New York-New York, during the week of July 10-14. Let’s not miss it; Donny will be sure to put on a terrific show. My pick is Donny should be the next star for EFX at the MGM. You heard it here first!

Not to be forgotten, rumor has it that the Venetian’s room, C2K, is becoming a new home for the musical, Chicago. The musical, formerly of Mandalay Bay for over a year, is hoping to be a mainstay at C2K forcing the lovely Melinda into an unscheduled disappearing act?

Speaking of mainstay, The Orleans has a new lineup featuring Ann Jeffries in “Mame” and Tab Hunter in “Damn Yankees.”

According to Fred Lewis at the Aladdin, Carmen Electra’s show is signed, sealed and delivered. We all hope this property pulls out of its slump, with more invested money coupled with good show ideas, the Aladdin will soon be a success.

This weekend, the Wayne Newton Theater at the Stardust, will feature comedian, Fred Travelena! Here comes the judge, here comes the judge”¦

Good news for super drag queen, Kenny Kerr. He has landed a gig at the Regent in Summerlin. Kenny puts on a fantastic female impersonator show; no one does Barbra better than Kenny.

As the country celebrates its freedom, July 4th will mark a historic date for the Stratosphere: Its expansion has paid off and they will unveil its new tower! It will include new rooms, new restaurants and a super eighth floor pool and recreation deck. Guess where I’ll be when the fireworks go off!