Easy way to learn how to play video poker and win

Jun 9, 2009 5:09 PM
by David Stratton |

Video poker’s the number one game in most Las Vegas casinos (and elsewhere), with up to 70 percent of revenues driven by video poker in its various forms.

Now, in order to help players with their game of choice, Action Gaming through its videopoker.com website has unveiled a new software program designed to give players the tools they need to win more and play longer.

Unlike complicated strategy cards and cryptic computer software, videopoker.com’s "Greatest Hits" program teaches players the best way to play their favorite games, in a simple and entertaining manner.

Basically, players choose from dozens of their favorite video poker games, which deal hands just like on a regular machine. When the player chooses his hold cards, the program tells him – through a simple red light, green light, yellow light graphic – whether he made the right choice.

For instance, when the player picks the proper hold cards, based on sound strategy, the light turns green. If it’s the incorrect choice, the light turns red; and if the choice is marginal it turns yellow.

"We think this program will help the majority of players become more comfortable playing video poker," said Mike Fields of Action Gaming. "Some strategy cards and software are simply too complicated for most people. There’s nothing easier than this red light, green light program."

Fields compared the Greatest Hits program to USA Today. "Lots of people can read and understand USA Today," he said, "but that can’t be said of Scientific Journal or the New York Times."

He added that one of the benefits of the software is that it included most of Action Gaming’s most popular games, including Triple Play, Fifty Play, Spin Poker, Super Times Play and many more.

Other features of the software include:

Pick feature: Pre-select a specific hand, perhaps one that has always been problematic, hold the cards you think are correct, then find out whether you made the right choice.

Hand tracking: this tells you how many hands you’ve played and how many of them were played correctly.

Best hold: This function will let you know after the draw what cards you should have held.

The Greatest Hits program is only $20 and can be downloaded from the videopoker.com website.

"That’s another thing," Fields added. "Once you download the program, you can play the games anywhere – you don’t have to stay online.

"Overall, this is an entry-level software, kind of like Video Poker 101," he continued. "It’s a simple, easy way to become better video poker players."

You can also try out your strategy by playing our video poker game.

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