Our ‘Stamp’ of approval on Bally's video slot

Jun 9, 2009 5:10 PM
Slots of Luck by L. Sabin |

S&H Green Stamps is a Bally slot machine with a banking feature. As you play, you collect stamps, just as we used to do in grocery stores oh so many years ago.

The stamps accumulate separately from any wins or losses on the game. The green stamps appear on a regular basis during the course of normal play and are immediately added to the total of the current "green stamp book" you are playing on, until reaching 1,200 points.

A typical green stamp that appears on the screen when betting five credits will be worth five points. That same green stamp when betting 250 credits would be worth 250 points toward the 1,200 total to finish a book. However, there are 2x and 5x stamps that increase the number of stamps you can earn.

When you reach 1,200 on a particular "stamp book," the Bonus Reel Save and Win Stamp begins. You are offered a choice of either taking free spins or just saving.

The enticement to opt for the ‘keep saving choice" is that the player is offered more free spins and some extra credits upon completing the next highest tier. During the free spins all pays are at 10x bet.

The first book completed offers five free spins and 100 free credits. Or you can keep on playing to go for more spins and free credits. The second book offers 10 free spins and 250 free credits, the third book 15 and 500s, the 4th 20 and 750 and the fifth 25 and 1,000.

Also during play you can earn the "Book Bonus" by getting four Book Bonus symbols on a pay line. You are then prompted to choose a "Book" to reveal your win.

This is not a game for the weak hearted. It can pay very well, but you have to stay the long haul. I usually intend to fill all the stamps books and go for the 20 games and the 1,000 free credits. The regular game pays slow, so to get the five stamp books filled it usually takes at least $40. The 20 games at 10x pay gets my money back plus some 2/3 of the time.

I’ve found it’s better to only bet 2x or 3x credits per spin. If you start firing away at max-coin bets you may dig yourself a hole that the free-spin award cannot overcome. I did find, however, that the more you bet the faster the green stamps accumulate.

Still, it’s best to grind out the stamps with small bets. This way you can survive the inevitable green stamp droughts and be down only a couple of dollars when reaching the free-spin award.

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