Let’s try a few more baseball totals

Jun 9, 2009 5:08 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

The highlight of this week in Major League Baseball again features inter-league play. Much to my own surprise, I was able to survive the last go around in May, so I have confidence now, and I’ll surely fall back and fire beginning this Friday.

Let’s start with the three "over" match-ups that figure to have many runs scored, regardless of the pitching, the best of which should be the meeting at Coors Field East of both New York teams. They both have a great deal of firepower, especially the Yankees with the return of A-Rod, who gives ample protection in the lineup to Mark Teixeira. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a prelude to the home run derby here. The over and under total may be as high as 12 for the three games.

The next match-up that looks juicy is Red Sox at Philly. This ballpark is a haven for long ball hitters, of which both teams have. Boston has some advantage in the bullpen, as Philly’s Brad Lidge, the super duper closer of last season, is having a tough time so far, blowing saves at an alarming rate. Charlie Manuel, the manager of the Phils, said recently, "He’ll always be my guy." We all know what votes of confidence mean!

Our third over match-up is the Rangers hosting the Manny-less Dodgers, who continue to score well without him. (Should he go to the All-Star game? Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn). It figures to be hot in Texas, and routine fly balls down there seem to reach the seats more often. It surely will be a fun series. Watch out for lefty pitchers against Texas, as their strength is mostly left hand hitters.

Now we turn to the under games, with the most prominent being the Bay series, as in San Francisco Bay. Both of these teams have trouble scoring, and play in pitcher friendly parks. The pitching is excellent on both sides, and runs scored should be at a premium.

The next match-up of under teams is Cincy at Kansas City. This is another park that plays big, and it’s safe to say that neither side has any big boppers. I’m certain the KC fans are thrilled with the schedule-maker’s choice of bringing the Reds to town (that’s a joke).

The last selection of low scoring teams has to be the White Sox visiting the Brewers. These two teams may be a stretch, especially with the Brewers playing at home, but the total lack of run production by the White Sox team should keep the under betters in action. Don’t forget that in this case no designated hitter, which precludes Jim Thome from getting many at bats.

So now you have 18 games to bet, regardless of pitchers or weather. Again, I’d settle for breaking even, as I never mind blowing the juice, primarily as the sports books deserve it. (Somehow I can’t get used to being on the other side of the counter.)

If you are thinking about a new car, the bargains are all over the place, especially GM and Chrysler.

Have a great week.

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