Arizona Charlie giveaway heats up June

Jun 16, 2009 5:00 PM

Arizona Charlie’s Boulder and Arizona Charlie’s Decatur have launched a promotion in which they are giving away decent quality gifts, much more than the ordinary caps, T-shirts and key chains that characterize many giveaways.

The "Gifts Worth Getting" promotion runs through the end of June, and rewards A.C.E. Rewards Club members who play slots, video poker and electronic keno. Players will be eligible to accumulate points for gifts from a catalog of summer items, electronic products and even jewelry.

Moreover, A.C.E. Rewards Club members will get to keep their accumulated points, even after cashing them in for the loot.

"The ‘Gifts Worth Getting’ promotion is our way of thanking our loyal A.C.E. Rewards Club members. Players have the month of June to accumulate points that will allow them to select their gifts from a whole catalog of amazing summer products, electronic items and more," said Ron Lurie, executive vice president and general manager for Arizona Charlie’s Decatur.

During the month of June, A.C.E. Rewards members can earn points by playing on any denomination slot reel, video reel, video poker or electronic keno machines. The gift catalog has a variety of items and is comprised of 18 categories and over 100 items. Players qualify for gifts in each category based on accumulated points:

Catalog Tier Point Threshold

A 5,500

B 6,500

C 7,000

D 9,500

E 11,000

F 15,500

G 18,500

H 26,500

I 33,500

J 41,500

K 48,500

L 55,500

M 71,500

N 83,500

O 105,000

P 125,000

Q 135,000

R 215,000

Players will be able to select either one gift or multiple gifts based upon the accumulation of points. To preview gifts, catalogs will be available at the A.C.E. Rewards Club at either Arizona Charlie’s Boulder or Arizona Charlie’s Decatur.

Gifts will be ordered through web sites that can be accessed at the A.C.E. Rewards Clubs or via home computer from a link on the Arizona Charlie’s website –

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