Text Yahoo for tourneys

Jun 23, 2009 5:04 PM
by Keno Lil |

Barry from Indiana writes:

"I just started reading your columns and they are very interesting and informative. I was wondering if I could find out the best keno tournaments in Las Vegas so I could come out and play."

There are quite a few Las Vegas locals in that Yahoo group who have opinions on what is good and bad on the local scene. Serious keno players should subscribe to the group. E-mail [email protected].

I believe that there are tourneys planned at the Orleans and also at Fitzgeralds. If any readers know of any good keno tournaments please let me know at [email protected] and I will pass them along.

Now here is a ticket for you to try in your next tournament:

3321111111: 1-way-15, 7-way-14, 22-way-13, 44-way-12, 70-way-11, 100-way-10, 127-way-9, 141-way-8,141-way-7, 127-way-6,100-way-5, 70-way-4, 44-way-3, 22-way-2, 7-way-1.

I have said for years that 5-spots are the best tix for tournaments. This one is a 100-way-5. You should only play it for 10¢ a way in a tournament if they offer a special rate 5-spot that pays at least $1,000 for a solid five, or if it is some sort of good catch all rate.

On the computer you can quik pik this one – just two groups of 3, 1 deuce and 7 kings, 15 numbers total. If you have the bank, consider playing the 10-spot ways for a dime a way. There are 100 of these as well.

Play the 10s and 5s a dime a way for $20 bucks a game, or play just the 10s or the 5s for $10 bucks a game. Go for it.

If you have a keno question write to me c/o GamingToday or e-mail me at [email protected].