Tennis cheats tarnish Wimbledon

Jun 23, 2009 5:07 PM
by Ray Poirier | Fear that there’s some hanky-panky going on in some of the featured matches will probably hurt wagering on this year’s tennis matches at Wimbledon in London, England this week.

After all, who wants to bet on a winner and not get paid?

The British Independent newspaper reported that officials are focusing on between six and 12 players who are believed to be involved in match fixing. No names were published.

The newspaper said that recent matches in the Netherlands and in Austria are under investigation by the International Tennis Federation which refused to comment on the report.

And when there is suspicion about the outcome of a match, such as the one between Jean-Rene Lisnard and Christophe Rochus, with Lisnard emerging as the winner, the bookmakers have denied payment to those who placed bets on the winner.

It’s been known for some time that players have wagered on tennis matches and as a result there have been suspensions and/or fines.

Unfortunately for the sport, the allegations come just as Wimbledon, arguably the most prestigious tennis tournament on the calendar, gets set for this year’s edition. Even Roger Federer’s name in the headlines can’t stop punters from questioning whether the game is on the up-and-up.