The Orleans hosts World Kickboxing Championship

Jun 19, 2001 10:28 AM

The temperature is rising in Las Vegas with the advent of a sizzling, red hot summer. The excitement is also rising in anticipation of the next kickboxing event on June 30, at The Orleans Hotel & Casino. Draka Inc. has a great and ambitious vision for Las Vegas as the kickboxing capital of the world, with events staged every 2-3 months. The first IKDF World Championship on March 31, sanctioned by Draka Inc., was a tremendous success, and a thrilling, memorable event. It was a fast-paced, electrifying championship with abundance of kicks, hits, punches, strikes, sweeps, blows, locks, and undercuts. The event was a colorful gumbo with an international flavor due to the magnificent fight card with kickboxers representing 9 countries. They fought for prestigious intercontinental champion titles.

IKDF World Championship on June 30 promises to be a tremendous hit with the star-studded fight card. The event promises to bring big names who are ready to deliver a great fight. Draka Inc. is honored to have such kickboxing stars as IKDF champion Alfonso Alcarez, of Las Vegas, Kit Kope, of Las Vegas, Baxter "The One-Armed Bandit" Humby, of Pacific Palisades, and Hector Pena, of Los Angeles. Devoted kickboxing lovers will have a chance to feast their eyes on outstanding fighters who will exhibit courage, stamina and tenacity, equal to Roman gladiators. A women’s match will be a great hit, and will be welcomed by the fans. The fans will be delighted to see the encore performance of young kickboxing starlets from Los Angeles. These feisty 10-eight-year-old and 12-year-old youngsters, wearing boxing gloves the size of their heads, will put up another great show. IKDF World Championship on June 30 will be aired live on DISH Network Pay-Per-View with the national exposure to 6,000,000 subscribers, which offers a tremendous advertising potential for the sponsors. All the latest updates about the upcoming championship can be found on our website at

Draka Inc. promotes professional kickboxing and is licensed in Nevada (Las Vegas) and New Jersey (Atlantic City). We have successfully promoted kickboxing fights in Los Angeles and now in Las Vegas, and have developed strong relationships in the world of professional kickboxing on a national and global level. We hope to continue our fruitful relationship with The Orleans Hotel & Casino in the future. Draka Inc. has developed close ties with the community. Draka Inc. has plans to organize its championships and tournaments in Europe, Asia, the United States, and Russia. Draka Inc. has energetic, young, focused, and experienced professionals in its ranks.

The Orleans Hotel & Casino has been instrumental in the preparation and organization of the Professional Kickboxing World Championships. It has been a first-class host, gracious, supportive, and hospitable. We hope that The Orleans could become our regular venue for kickboxing events with the completion of its brand new arena for 9,000 by the end of 2002.

The IKDF (International Kickboxing Draka Foundation) world championships add a new hue to the amazing Technicolor that is Las Vegas. These championships herald a new beginning in the colorful scene of professional kickboxing. Since Las Vegas has become a global city that hosts the ultimate in the world-class sporting events, Las Vegas is perfect for IKDF games.