Early football lines rich with hidden nuggets

Jul 14, 2009 5:08 PM
Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber | With the football season right around the corner, I started to consume as much as I could in preparation for what I hope will be a profitable betting season.

Usually, I start with the future odds on the NFL and the odds to win the BCS Classic. As I was looking at the odds on the BCS game, it was very clear that the line makers think the Florida Gators are as close to a cinch as possible, as they are listed in most places at 2-1 and even less at some joints.

Next in odds is Oklahoma at around 5-1, then Southern Cal at 7-1 and Texas at 8-1. After that you can take Ohio State at 13-1 and LSU and Virginia Tech at 20-1.

I took two flyers: the Ohio State Buckeyes at 20-1 – if they can beat Southern Cal on Sept. 12, they will only have to get by Penn State on Nov. 7 for a possible undefeated season. Their game on Sept. 12 at the Horseshoe will be a huge revenge game as they were crushed by USC last year, and the word around Columbus is that their quarterback Terrelle Pryor is the real deal, both running and passing. The Buckeye faithful will be going crazy.

Now in week one, Ohio State will be playing a very good Navy team and will be a big chalk – the play will be Navy, which should be getting around 17 points as the Buckeyes will be looking ahead.

I do believe LSU will still be high off their huge win over Georgia Tech in the Chick-fil-A Bowl and their up-and-coming QB Jordan Jefferson appears to be sitting on a huge year if he can stay healthy; 20-1 looks like a good shot and I will be betting on the LSU Tigers early and often.

The next bet is on a diamond in the ruff – not Sid Diamond but M resort, which is located a short ride past the South Point. It’s beautiful and the sports book has some top notch and friendliest tellers in the business; also sports guru Mike Colbert deals out some fair numbers.

If you are heading toward South Point, just keep going and in two minutes you will find a place that you will love.

Now to my bet in week one of the regular season in the NFL. This play looks like something good to eat, the Tennessee Titans +5, over the Super Bowl champion Pittsburg Steelers. They not only get to beat the world champs but also win one for ill-fated QB Steve McNair; go take the five and just sit back and collect.

I hate to get political but these guys in Washington are all nuts. They can’t run the post office, they can’t run Medicare, they can’t run anything. They have ruined our economy, they have wreaked havoc over the banking and car industry, and now this Senator from Utah, Orin Hatch, wants to get involved with the BCS because his Utah team has little or no chance of playing in the BCS championship game because of the conference they play in.

They did beat Michigan last year but it is difficult, Mr. Hatch, to get to the BCS title game when you play teams like UNLV, Utah St., Weber St., Wyoming, Colorado St., New Mexico and San Diego St. So, just try to do the job you were elected to do and fix the sagging economy, or none of us will have to worry about the BCS championship game because there won’t be one to worry about.

The only thing I can think of right now that is dumber than Senator Hatch wanting to have a Senate hearing on the BCS is the running of the bulls, which is as dumb as you can get.

Horse race note: This Saturday the boys at Palace Station – Vic Vivio and Zach Goldberg (the Rodney Dangerfield of the race and sports books in Vegas) – will be staging another one of their highly-successful race comp Saturdays. It will be the place to be this Saturday. The comps will be flying and the race book will be crazy. I’ll be there, so stop and give up some of those winners. Look for me in the front no smoking row with my white Big Red baseball cap.

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