World Series of Poker's final table set for November

Jul 16, 2009 7:50 PM
by GT Staff |

The World Series of Poker on Wednesday played down to the final nine players, who will return in November to battle it out for the championship and over $8.5 million.

When the dust cleared late Wednesday night, Darvin Moon from Oakland, Maryland emerged as the chip leader with 58.9 million chips.

Here are the other finalists and their chip counts:

• Eric Buchman (Valley Stream, New York) – 34,800,000

• Steve Begleiter (Chappaqua, New York) – 29,885,000

• Jeff Shulman (Las Vegas) – 19,580,000

• Joe Cada (Shelby Township, Michigan) – 13,215,000

• Kevin Schaffel (Coral Springs, Florida) – 12,390,000

• Phil Ivey (Las Vegas) – 9,765,000

• Antione Saout (Paris, France) – 9,500,000

• James Ankenhead (London, England) – 6,800,000

Each of the nine finalists will return on November 7 to play for the WSOP championship, which features a first prize worth $8,546,435.

The other awards include:

2nd place – $5,182,601

3rd place – $3,479,485

4th place – $2,502,787

5th place – $1,953,395

6th place – $1,587,133

7th place – $1,404,002

8th place – $1,300,228

9th place – $1,263,602

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In the meantime, all nine players will take home $1,263,602, the minimum payout. When the Main Event resumes in November, players will compete for additional money in the prize pool, plus interest on the withheld funds.

The tournament now takes a 115-day recess. This is the second year of the delayed final table format.

Last year’s November Nine proved successful both in terms of player feedback and television ratings, which were some of the highest ever for any poker-related telecast.

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