Leave poor Terry Fator alone

Jul 21, 2009 5:10 PM
The Full Monti by Monti Rock III | It’s been another week of gossip and innuendo. First, leave Terry Fator alone. He’s allowed to have a new girl friend. He filed for divorce a long time ago. The new girl, Taylor Makakoa, aka Taylor Dew, is 21 but some say she may only be 19. I say Terry Fator, winner of "America’s Got Talent," who is currently starring at The Mirage, deserves a new arm piece.

What happened to "Shear Madness," the show that closed at Town Center on Sunday? The show is about a hair dressing salon and has played successfully all over the country. The theater at Town Center was specially fitted for "Shear Madness," but not enough local marketing was done to get the Las Vegas version off the ground. That, plus the local economy, put the nails in the coffin.

Last week, I went to the opening of "Marriage Can Be Murder" at Fitzgerald’s. It’s dinner theater with a twist and has had a successful run in Las Vegas for the past 10 years. Our wonderful Mayor Oscar Goodman is a great sport and my hat’s off to him. He was first to bite the bullet on opening night.

The following night it was Monty Hall, or at least that’s what the billing read, to bite the bullet. Actually it was yours truly, Monti Rock. Monti dying on stage – it could never happen – but it did. This interactive show is quite entertaining and dinner was more than expected. The move to downtown can be nothing but good for the show. John Bentham, who directs "Caveman," also directs "Marriage Can Be Murder." He has a way of putting everyone in their place and he does a great job.

Speaking of Oscar Goodman, he will be celebrating his 70th birthday on July 31 at the Fremont Street Experience in front of the Golden Nugget. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mayor! The event is open to the public for a $20 donation, the proceeds of which will go to the mayor’s favorite charities – Three Square, The Lou Ruvo Center and Opportunity Village.

There’s been a lot of ballyhoo about the houses Michael Jackson rented when he was in Las Vegas. Some columnists have even written about how trashed the houses were when he left. The last house he lived in is now up for sale for a reported $3.5 million. I’ve seen the house, and that price doesn’t sound like they had to do much fixer-upping.

I watched Joe Jackson on television’s "Primetime" and to me he displayed a lot of arrogance. Like entertainment stars before him, Michael Jackson appears to be worth more now than ever before. He’s become a real cash cow for LaToya and the brothers, not to mention the fact that Joe was paid $200,000 for his "Primetime" interview. Then there is the release of the footage of that terrible accident during filming of a Pepsi commercial. They really don’t have to show us graphic footage of Michael’s hair on fire. It’s time to let Michael rest in peace. When are they going to bury him?

Television’s A&E channel is doing another documentary on "Saturday Night Fever." I’ve already been called. I feel like Butterfly McQueen of "Gone With The Wind." The movie lives on and on, and deservedly so.

My friend Paige O’Hara is one of the stars in "Menopause the Musical" at the Luxor. She recently fell off her bicycle and suffered more than a bruised ego. She’s had to take a couple of days off from the show to recover. Paige has a busy schedule with the Luxor show and her Disney specials. Remember, she is the voice of Belle in "Beauty and The Beast."

What about the Steve Wyrick Theater at Planet Hollywood? Between Steve’s recent accident, his reality show, and the sudden closing of another show this week, one wonders will wonders ever cease?

 A good friend of mine, Jimmy Emerson, who was one of the mainstays of "La Cage" and "Bottoms Up" at the Riviera, has become a producer. How divine! His co-producer is Michael Moss and their show at the Onyx Theatre is called "Naked Boys Singing." I understand the show was a hit in New York City and is quite funny. This is singing in the nude, not singing in the rain. Ticket prices are $30 and there is a Sunday matinee to go with Thursday-Saturday evenings.

I’m still waiting on the status of Frank Marino’s "Ultimate Drag Show," which may open at the Imperial Palace. He is, at this time, reportedly doing the show Labor Day weekend. Rick Thomas opens at the Sahara and Stephanie Jordan has just signed a contract for two more years in "Fantasy" at the Luxor.

Julianne Hough, who was named as the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Female Vocalist this last year, and who first caught our eye as a two-time winner on "Dancing With The Stars" on television, is coming to Las Vegas. Julianne will appear at Mandalay Bay Beach on Saturday Sept. 5. Julianne could follow in the footsteps of "American Idol’s" Carrie Underwood. A new star is born?

Don Marandino, president of the Flamingo, will be the center of attention as friends, stars and associates will "roast" him. Emcee is Vinnie Favorito, so who knows what to expect. That should be quite an event.

Crystals at City Center has an impressive array of luxury retailers and restaurants that will open later this year. Among them are Prada, Bulgari, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co. Restaurants include Beso and Wolfgang Puck, to name just two. I’m already saving my lunch money.