Multiple way tickets for playing 5-spots Keno

Jul 21, 2009 5:10 PM
by Keno Lil |

I’ve always liked 5-spots, and I have been lucky playing them, and one way of playing fives that I particularly like is the 12-way-5.

I’ve usually played this ticket with 8-spots, grouped 2-2-1-1-1-1. There are two different ways to make a 5-spot way on this ticket, namely 2-2-1 (four ways to make five) and 2-1-1-1 (eight ways to make five) for a total of 12 fives.

This is not a bad way to play a 12-way-5, especially if you also like 8-spots, which so many people do. If you want to get fancy, you can also play a 4-way-7, an 8-way-6, a 14-way-4, a 12-way-3, an 8-way-2, and four kings on this ticket, for a total of 63 ways.

Are there better ways to play a 12-way-5? Was that a rhetorical question? You betcha, on both counts! You see, Lil has done some homework! How about 9-spots, grouped 2-2-2-1-1-1? Once again, there are two different ways to make a way five, 2-2-1 and 2-1-1-1, with nine ways for the first and three ways for the second, making a total of 12.

You can either play the nine, or a 3-way-8. This ticket also has a 6-way-7, a 10-way-6, a 12-way-4, a 10-way-3, 6-way-2, and three kings, for a total of 63 ways. This ticket will, on the average, pay a solid five some seven games sooner than the first ticket discussed above, and if you are playing a buck a way, that means about $84 sooner!

You might want to try 15-spots, grouped 3-3-3-3-1-1-1 for 12-way-5s, because the more numbers you play, in general, the better your odds are. On this ticket, there is only one distinct way to make a five, and that is 3-1-1, for a total of 12 fives. Besides the 15 and the fives, there are three 14s, three 13s, five 12s, 12 elevens, 12 tens, 10 nines, 18 eights, 18 sevens, 10 sixes, 12 fours, 5 threes, 3 twos and 3 kings, for a total of 127 ways.

For those of you who like to play fives and 10s on the same ticket, this one offers balance; since there are 15-spots on the ticket, it has the same number of 10-spot ways as five spot ways. You can play a 12-way-10 and a 12-way-5 for 50¢ a way and have a nice $12 ticket! This ticket will pay a solid five about 13 games sooner than the first ticket, and about six games sooner than the second ticket!

On a scale of one to five spikes, with five being the highest, Keno Lil rates the 12-way-5 spot (marked with 15 numbers!): four spikes. Well, that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line!

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